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Julann Lutz   

User's reviews

  • Calabash Garden Tea Room


    Growing up, my mom and I used to ALWAYS have our tea together on Saturday or Sunday (or sometimes both!). Then my parents moved to Calabash (from New York) almost six years ago, so no more tea with Mom.... ...until my family and I visited them for the first time almost six years ago. That's when she introduced my daughter and me to the Calabash Garden Tea Room. It was love at first sight, both for my daughter and me! At first, we were not sure what to expect. I figured a couple of cups of tea and we were done. Not even close, though! From the huge variety of teas to choose from, to the little handmade artistic sandwiches with the tiny little pink bows, to the scones and strawberries, to the delicious soups, to the beautifully decorated 'cottage' (both inside and out)...this is truly one of my favorite places to visit (besides my mom and dad's place!) Now I no longer 'miss' having tea with mom, because I know that when we go to visit them, the Calabash Garden Tea Room is there waiting for us!