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  • Teaberry's Tea Room


    My sister-in-law and I wanted to have a Tea Party theme for my baby shower we are planning. We found Teaberry's online and we both fell in love - my brother-in-law offered to cover the cost. Thrilled, I called Teaberry's immediately to get some more info regarding prices etc. I talked to Sarah - very polite and helpful - and she told me they could accommodate our needs. We were expecting a party of 20 and hoped to keep the price per person under $20. UNFORTUNATELY...My sister-in-law and I were greatly disappointed when we visited Teaberry's today. Forget trying to host a party on a budget! We were hoping to rent the Garden Room for $60 an hour. Teaberry's recommends 3 hours for a Baby Shower. We weren't planning on opening presents during the shower (let's be honest, the most boring and tedious part of ANY sort of shower), instead displaying them on a table. Because of this we would only need 2 hours, however, Susan insisted we would have to use the next bigger room so there would be space for a display table (understandable, however, now $85 an hour). I won't even get into our battle for an affordable menu. Impossible. Both my sister in law and I felt that Susan was rude, unprofessional, and unwilling to work with our needs. Instead of trying to bring the price to $20/person, she blatantly told us 'this isn't the place for you'. WE WERE APPALLED! If our server wasn't so sweet and helpful, and if I acted the way I felt, I would have thrown my water at this woman and walked out. Susan made us look like poor fools in front of her other customers. Everyone else stopped eating and chatting to hear this woman belittle us (yes, I looked around and everyone was literally staring at us). Long story short, if we want to have the beautiful baby shower we are hoping for, we were looking at $28 per person for afternoon tea (20ppl =$560), $85 per hour for the room (3 hours = $255)...that's $815 without tax or gratuity. For a BABY SHOWER?! No way would I ask my brother in law to foot that bill. Let's be fair folks. We're sitting in an economic crisis. Why wouldn't a 'lovely' business such as Teaberry's at least TRY to be a bit more accommodating for a party and not so dismissive? Needless to say, we will be taking our business elsewhere and we will be sure to share our unfortunate experience with our friends, family and co-workers. Somehow, stuffy businesses thrive on poor customer service...but not for long.

    Tearoom response:

    Dear Julia,

    Unfortunately, we were not able to accommodate your needs to work within your budget. Although we offered you several options that could have worked for you, you declined.

    Best wishes,

    Susan Wyatt Peterson