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Just Me   

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  • Teaberry's Tea Room


    I have been to this tea room on many occassions. I have to say that on many occassions I have wanted to post here, but it wasn't until my last experience that I decided to vent. The owner is Susan, and to say she is cold towards most guest is an understatement. Yes, the service is slow, but the girls are very pleasant and if you want good food (ususally great food) fast, this isn't the place to be. Tea rooms allow guest to sip their tea and take their time, so TGI Friday's is better if you want fast service. The only real complaint I have is Susan. She seems cold to most people, which is a turn off. She can be pleasant to others at times, but in general, or overall, she really seems to either care less that you're patronizing her establishment or is painfully shy. I once told her how much I loved her tea room and had nothing but raves for it. She seemed to not even hear me. So, I stated who I was and how often I had come here and she told me 'I know who you are' and walked away. I'm not famous, nor am I anyone she would know other than to come into the tea room. If I were the only one she spoke to like that, I would take a hint. Needless to say, there are several other tea rooms to patronize and that's just what my lady friends and I will do.

    Tearoom response:

    Dear “Just Me”,

    This is clearly a misunderstanding. Personally, I have never been called cold or painfully shy. My establishment strives to treat all guests as valued customers. I invite you to join me for a pot of tea so that we may clear this up and explore your feelings. Since I do not have your contact information, please call me so we can plan a visit convenient for you.


    Susan Peterson