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User's reviews

  • Charlotte's Tea Room


    This is by far my favorite tea room. I have visited it both when it was still in the old location, and in the new place. It is a lovely, charming, and clean establishment. Decor is Victorian-esque, without clutter or stuffiness. The food is truly excellent, even for a vegetarian like me. Tea selection is good. Service is excellent, and always with a smile.

  • Tea Hive


    I went to this tea room due to the great reviews, however, I was completely disappointed. The decor is what I refer to as 'dirty-chic'. It's just a bunch of wobbly old tables, chipped plates, and tarnished cutlery, thrown together. I felt like I was eating off of dirty dinnerware. It really was unpleasant. My cup actually had dirt in it, and when I asked for a new one, my dirty cup was just put back in the clean dish area. Yuck. As I mentioned above, the cutlery had black tarnish on it. I was too grossed out to put it in or near my food or mouth. The food itself was very mediocre to bad, and the tea selection was limited. I still do not understand why the glowing reviews.

  • Calico Rose Cafe


    This tea room was a disappointment. We waited forever (on a very slow day) to be served. I had to actually go find the server in order to place an order. The food was mediocre at best. Personally, I think that it was just bad. Tea selection was limited. Decor is a bit cluttered, and somewhat uncomfortable.