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  • Tranquility Tea Room


    I loved this place! Two of my nieces were coming to town from the Bay Area and my mom and I wanted to take them, along with my other niece, to tea. My sister began taking my eldest niece to tea a few years ago ands he loved the experience, so we've continued it. In March I went to another tea room with a friend and had really enjoyed it, but when I tried to figure out how this trip to the tea house would work with the owner of that place, I was responded to in an extremely rude manner. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I found Tranquility Tea Room! I e-mailed the owner to ask if we could work around our needs. While my eldest niece, Mika (9), enjoys tea, the two younger ones who are 6 aren't big into tea. I didn't want to spend $15 on each of them for something they wouldn't appreciate. Candra (the owner), was very VERY sweet and understanding. She let us split the kids and buy an additional cupcake for them, for a total of $7.50 for each girl. For that amount they got to share our tea and sandwiches, and then an additional treat. It took us a bit to find the tea room. I don't go to Thousand Oaks often and I confused the street numbers. It is on the top floor of a two-level strip building with different businesses. I don't think it's actually visible from the street as another building blocks it from the street. It is on a second floor so it is not accesible by wheelchair, but there is a second parking lot that will cut the stairs in half. We walked in and the room was covered in decorations. Every couple of months they change themes and when we went in early July the theme was Mad Hatter. Each table had a different character. Ours was the Queen of Hearts. The plates and cups were mismatched - something we hoped and expected to see. If you aren't used to tea houses you might say that the place is crowded or cluttered, but it was exactly what we wanted. Old-fashioned tea where I could picture my grandma (who I never met). Candra greeted us warmly and showed us to our table (we reserved the table ahead of time). She handed us the tea menu's. Shortly thereafter she had us try a Mango-Coconut tea. My mom decided on a pot of Mango Coconut tea, I ordered the Spicey Peach tea, and Mika ordered the Mint Chocolate tea. We all really liked our teas. For sandwiches Candra was kind enough to change the standard ones (of chicken and ham) to hummus, cheese, and cucumber. They all quickly disappeared. We also had scones that were very good with lemon curd and devonshire cream. Both of which we finished off even after the scones were gone. Mika, who had in other opportunities not enjoyed scones, enjoyed the one she got here. For dessert we got a few different treats. While they were good - they were still frozen which was unfortunate. While the girls waited for food to be served they got to do a scavenger hunt that was set up by Candra. She also has a small closet full of dresses and hats the girls can try on and walk around in. All the chairs in the tea room had hats we could try on and wear during tea. I look forward to going back, hopefully during a different theme. In the spring they do a Princess theme which I would like to check out with the girls. Going to any tea house can get very expensive, with $25 being the low end of prices for adults (includes tea, sandwiches, scones, and dessert) and $15 for children. However it is a great experience. It's fun for adults and the kids. Candra really makes you feel welcome. We definitely will be going back next year (or sooner!)