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  • Harmony Tea Room


    My grandmother past away about a week ago. Today, my mom and 2 daughters dressed up and decided to go to tea at this teahouse. We called ahead because their website says that you should call ahead for reservations. When I called, I asked if they would have a table in 10 minutes and specified that I had an infant who needed a highchair. They said we should wait 20 minutes to come but when we arrived, there were only 2 other people in the entire teahouse. When we arrived, I cleared the table setting away from where the infant would have been sitting. My mom was holding her in that seat, while we waited for a highchair. We waited so long, that I felt bad and took my daughter back from my mother and the baby grabbed a plate, which merely clinked. An older woman over reacted and yelled in the kitchen. I then asked if we could have a highchair, which she then responded with a very rude tone...this place isn't for children. We promptly left after that, which of course horribly upset my 5 year old. She has had a rough enough time lately with the loss of my grandmother, who we all very close with, without the disappointment of not going to this planned celebration. The woman, who I presume was the owner, was rude and I will never go back there again. Why bother going to restaurant where you are not treated politely?

    Tearoom response:

    Kathy,<BR> Firstly, I am sorry to hear of your loss however I must respond to your comments. We asked you to come at a certain time because we had several reservations for shortly after your arrival and we were training a new server. Had you asked on the phone if we had a high chair you would have been told no because we don't have them. I was watching you settle in and did see your infant grab for a saucer and made a gasp. I did not yell and never would. I did not make the comment about children however the reason we don't have high chairs is because the tea room is not the place for toddlers. Many tea rooms have an age limit but we don't hoping that common sense will prevail.As stated on our web site we ask for discretion when bringing young children. We use fine china and provide a tranquil atmosphere. We welcome school age children who can appreciate the experience. If you would like to bring your 5 yr old daughter back for tea her tea is my treat.<BR> Mary Ann