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Katy Swimm   

User's reviews

  • Calabash Garden Tea Room


    I had the wonderful pleasure of having my sister and two nieces visiting me for a week at the beach and I took advantage of them being here from Maryland to take them to the Calabash Garden Tea Room, which I have been to before. We had such a wonderfull time and lots of fun. We had the fun of using the beautiful hats and boa's and there was a beautiful pink sweater with a fur like collar that looked beautiful on my 17 year old niece. We had a wonderful time and we can't say enough about the service, FOOD and TEA. We order different types of tea so we could taste what each other had. EVERYTHING WAS JUST GREAT. After we left the TEA ROOM we visited the gift shop and we purchased the salad dressing that is home made by Kathy (one of the owners)trust me you can't go home without it. Too bad they don't sell the sconces too. After several hours of leaving the TEA ROOM someone asked if everyone was ready to get something to eat and my 17 year old niece said 'THERE IS NOTHING I WOULD WANT THAT WOULD COMPARE TO WHAT I HAD AT THE TEA ROOM. She also wants this to be a yearly tradition. My family only gets here once a year. Thank you Kathy and Anna for having the TEA ROOM here at Calabash.