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User's reviews

  • Moffat's Gaelic Dish


    my friends and I had tea here this weekend. we have been to several tea rooms together. the service was fine. the food was average. we have had better. the chicken salad was fine. the scones seemed like they were stale they broke apart in many pieces. did not care for the devonshire cream it tasted like sour cream. the same creme seemed to be used in the cream puffs. the tart with blueberries was very good. however, no one cared for the lemon pastry. the atomsphere is nice. the shocking part was that we were given one bill for all of us. we have been to other tea houses and they always asked how we wanted to pay. some of us were going to pay with cash and the others had debit cards. when the server came to take our check we were told that we could only use cash or checks. how absurd! what business does not take credit cards. one of my party told the woman, who I assume was the owner, and she stated that she tells everyone they have to use cash. my friend told her that in fact she had not been told this. you should tell people your policy when they arrive before they have their tea. i don't know what people do who don't have any cash.. i guess they have to wash tea cups to pay off the debt.

    Tearoom response:

    Laura, thank you for the review. I am so sorry you didn't enjoy everything during your visit with us. Our scones are baked fresh every morning, and traditionally they are not a moist baked good as for the Devon Cream, it is not supposed to be a sweet addition to tea cakes and breads and our cream puffs are filled with whipped heavy cream, not Devon Cream, but again sorry you didn't enjoy it as much as we had hoped. Again, my appologies for the credit card issue. Many small businesses do not take credit cards because the fees are so high and I don't like to pass that cost on to customers...we do take checks as well.