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Linda Rogers   

User's reviews

  • The Sweet Life Cafe


    I wish I had been able to enjoy the service and food that customers were able to appreciate earlier in the year. Our club recently had a tea at Sweet Life Cafe and were very disappointed in the service, the food and the hospitality. The room we had reserved was not set up when we arrived, so we waited outside on the porch. Unfortunately, it was a very hot day. We were asked if we wanted tablecloths on the tables, which seemed rather odd. We were offered a choice of two types of tea, which were served by the cup. No pots on the table. As a matter of fact, many of us did not even receive spoons to stir the tea. Our table was never served milk or lemon. The food was amazinly mediocere. Most of it appeared to be purchased from somewhere else. It was presented buffet-style from a very small table in the hallway. I really didn't have the feeling that our comfort was of any concern to the employees. I wish I could find something more positive to say about this tea room. Perhaps we just caught them on a bad day. I certainly hope for the sake of their business, that they take a close look at how their customers want to be treated.