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  • Reynolds Tea Room


    My sister and I are huge tea girls, we go for 'teas' several times a year...birthdays, celebrations, any excuse. We had tea here earlier this year and I must say (as I'm in the middle of planning my sister's birthday tea plans today), I won't be planning on going back here. The last time we attended, the sandwich selection was an issue. We are both vegetarians and any time that we've gone to a teahouse and requested that they give us double the veggie sandwiches and skip the meat ones, it's no issue. On this past visit, we requested the same. Unfortunately one of the veggie finger sandwich selections was a little mushroom quiche. Unfortunately we both hate mushrooms and we asked if they could give us just the other veggie sandwiches in it's place. The server still brought out the veggie... (more) sandwiches including the mushroom quiche. We asked again if the mushroom quiche could be replaced with another of the tea sandwiches. She took the mushroom quiches back and went to the kitchen. She came back without them but said 'no, that the quiches are more expensive than the other sandwiches and that they cannot substitute.' We actually were perplexed since we were asking for the cheaper choice and she said that the manager said, no, because they can't allow for that type of substitution because what if we were asking for more of the pricier sandwiches. We were shocked and repeated that we weren't asking for the costlier sandwich but the cheaper one and she said it didn't matter. Instead she just walked away and acted as though we were being unreasonable or rude and she didn't even bring back the mushroom quiches (which we could've given to our husbands), yet we still had to pay for them. Many teahouses are often known for not having the friendliest of servers or being a bit rigid with their rules. But most of us regular 'tea' customers know we are paying a very high price for tea and a few desserts/tea sandwiches, because of the experience, environment, and the good taste of the little bit of food you get. But when a place cannot even accommodate a paying customer, why go back? A normal restaurant would go out of business or get a bad rap if customer's minor requests or food exceptions aren't considered. Instead of easily just giving us two tiny, little tea sandwiches, no, they were rude and acted like we were being rude for asking...and then we weren't even given back what we had to pay for. So over two tiny tea sandwiches you lost two regular tea ladies. Being that the atmosphere/service/food is just okay at your teahouse we've always felt it was an okay teahouse, the biggest plus was that it was close to us. But now that we've been treated this way over a minor request, we will not be giving you our business again. Again, you lost two regular tea ladies over two tiny might think that's silly for us to not come back, but for you, it would have been a minimal cost (with future visits more than making up for it), yet for us, we left hungry, unfilled and annoyed, so we lost much more.