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Marypaul Bom   

User's reviews

  • The Whistle Stop - A Texas Tearoom


    Our visit to the Whistle Stop - A Texas Tea Room in Tomball, Texas on June 1, 2011 began with a 10-15 minute wait, which we did not mind, as it gave my husband and me a chance to chat and then look over the menu. This was my second visit to the Whistle Stop – A Texas Tea Room and I was bringing my husband there as a treat because a friend had treated me to lunch for my birthday and we had such a nice time. However, I should have seen the writing on the wall when the table that they gave us was the two-seater by the kitchen. All that separated us from the kitchen was a flimsy cotton curtain!!! I asked if we could please be seated elsewhere, but by their attitude you could tell it was an “inconvenience” to “them” and that others in line would then have to wait, so we stayed where we were seated. We waited 15 minutes for our passion fruit tea, which had no real taste at all, even if you tried to sweeten it. We finally ordered, and when our order came the waitress asked us who had what and I mean literally THREW the plates down on the table and left our area before the plates hit the surface!!!!!!!! I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like that in my life NOR have I EVER been treated like that, much less in a “so-called” tea room environment!!! During the meal, do you remember the cotton curtain that is behind me, and then the kitchen after that?? One of the workers dropped an ice tea container lid down the curtain which then went down my back. It just happens that I am disabled, but NOTHING been done about the incident!!! I even joked that I should receive a FREE dessert and received a DIRTY look from our waitress for my pains!! You may ask: Why didn’t you speak to the manager?? She did not look approachable at all!!!! It was noisy, she probably could not hear me in there anyway, and I am SURE she would have used the excuse that they were extremely busy that day and excused it away!!! Looking at hindsight, which is ALWAYS 20-20, I probably SHOULD have spoken with her to let her know that the salad was wilted, the quiche inedible and the bread pudding EXTREMELY soggy! So the next day we ran home to our ALL TIME FAVORITE # 1 Tea Room: The Vintage Garden Tea Room in Montgomery, Texas to remedy the situation where we were treated with RESPECT and DESCENCY!!!

  • The Vintage Garden Tea House


    My husband and I have visited The Vintage Garden Tea House three (3) times. The first time was when it was 29 degrees and there was ice on the plants just outside our window as we sat to have our lunch! But the atmosphere inside was warm, engaging and inviting! That is why during THAT visit, we instantly made a reservation for their High Tea the very next week for my birthday!! Again the weather was bleak but we did not notice because the people INSIDE The Vintage Garden Tea Room could not do enough for us! Their Extravagant Tea was amazing and we ate EVERYTHING that they brought. We thought that we were finished with our tea, but then came the dessert tray!!! Amazing that someone handmade all of those desserts!!! (This is just an aside and a personal choice: There was only one thing that was not to our taste and that was some turkey sandwiches on very dark bread. When we reserve their High Tea again, we will ask for replacements for those particular sandwiches) Other than that, the High Tea was a dream come true and EVERYTHING from the cucumber sandwiches and homemade cheese puffs down to our vanilla loose leaf teas made my birthday lunch extraordinary!! Our third visit was just as brilliant, as we were 'recovering' from a not-so-nice experience at an out-of-town Tea Room lunch the previous day and were visiting The Vintage Garden Tea House to 'forget the past' and again experience what WE consider THE BEST TEA HOUSE in Texas!! Once again they did not disappoint! Even though they were EXTEMELY busy they had enough time to give us individual attention and made sure that we had EVERYTHING that we could NEED OR WANT!! In fact, they went the EXTRA MILE by giving my husband hot tea that he did NOT order when my hot tea and scones were on their way--AND they did NOT charge him for it!!! THIS is unheard of in this day and age -- so loving, caring and giving and MUCH appreciated!!! I was EXTREMELY surprised to see that The Vintage Garden Tea House was rated as #5 on the List. I vote for them to be moved to the #1 position for: 1) Excellence in care for the needs and desires of their customers; 2) Fantastic food!! 3) Delectable choices of tea, BOTH loose leaf AND bagged and 4) Overall Tea Room ambiance!!