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  • Moffat's Gaelic Dish


    I love tea rooms and was excited to go to a birthday party for one of my daughter's friends at this one. Many of the food items looked & tasted premade. No sugar cubes or fun things for the girls to do with the tea. They put the cupcakes out first was such a distraction for the girls (and they wouldn't give them any drinks or eats until everyone got there - hard for little ones to be so patient). A lady working there (manager/owner?) was loud & grumpy and was in the kids' faces taking pictures - weird. The story time wasn't a fun girly, tea party or princess book, but plain old boring Cat in the Hat. Pics out front came out cute, though there weren't enough hats for all the girls. Definitely wouldn't recommend. Emma's Rose in St. Pete is much better in every respect.

    Tearoom response:

    Maureen, the birthday party you are referring to was for an adorable three year old, who had a wonderful time! Typically e don't do a story for the kids, uless requested, a story time was included beacuase we were wating on a couple of late arivals. Cat in the Hat is a clasic and most younger children like the ryming, it keeps them interested...the kids seemed happy. As for the food, all the sandwiches, pastries and such were made by us. The fresh fruit and honey graham bees were the only premade items. The cupcakes are placed on the display counter next to the party favors, just as a cake would for the pictures, we usually make a college photo of the guests and the birthday girl and frame it in a cute little purse hoto frame as a gift, but since two of the parents didn't want the photo of their child taken we couldn't do that for this little girls she missed out on that treat. Most of the parents like that for their child and don't find it wierd at is usually very cute! To be honest, I was surprised how many Moms came to the event and stayed...most often they sit in the adjoining room and have tea and scones while the party takes this event the Mom of the birthday girl didn't want to have scones and tea served to the parents so we didn't, that made the party room very crowded and loud with all the Moms talking etc.<BR> With all tht said, the Birtday Girl enjoyed her party and that is what really matters.