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  • Kaleisia Tea Lounge


    My wife and I are quickly becoming 'regulars' at Kaleisia, and love the atmosphere, the people, and of course the tea! I read Eleanor's review with some some disappointment, as I know her experience is a very unique one. By the second time my wife and I visited Kaleisia, one of the co-owners, Lan, recognized us, and knew our names. We just visited today (our 5th visit), and Lan knew what we liked to drink! While Eleanor points out that is is not reasonable to expect a shop owner to recognize and know every customer, both Lan and Kim do go out of their way to attempt just that. It is a two-way street, though, and if you do want an extra personal touch, you as a customer have to take at least a little initiative. Stop by the counter, say hello, introduce yourself, and strike up a conversation about what you want to drink. I guarantee Kim and Lan will know your name the next time you visit, and would probably even know what you like! I highly recoomend Kaleisia to anyone, and I am already planning to bring friends in for the next tea tasting on oct. 29th!