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User's reviews

  • Southern Gardens Tea Room


    I enjoyed this meal but it could have been so much better just by changing one thing. I was asking the antique shop woman a question about a compact in a case and was constantly interrupted by some man working there trying to rush me into the dining room. The food was great, the service was great but why is some old man seating me? This is a Tea Room for crying out loud! As I was looking at the daily specials posted up front he started reading them to me as if I couldn't read! As my daughter and I were deciding what to order here he came again describing the food. Again...I can read. While we were enjoying our meal and conversation the man interrupted us again! For goodness sake, if I wanted some old man bothering me, I would have stayed at home. Came time to check out and guess who the cashier was....Took him three tries to finally get the cash register to do whatever he was trying to get it to do. Tell him that I am probably not the only one that feels this way. I could have given an all excellent rating except for the stalker man that is so rude. Come on read a book or something but leave the customers alone. This is a tea room I came here expecting to get away from annoying men. If they are there I would expect them to be customers, not bothering me. I have nothing against men. I am married and have three sons. But this should be an oasis in the storm for women! Your competitors don't have men constantly looking over the customers shoulders. Ms. M in Medina may be a man but I don't have to see him. Also, I wondered why there has been no advertising of the antique shop. It is a great place to shop and listened to another woman say the same thing. I will visit once more to shop at the antique shop and see if this was just a one-time bad experience. The food was good and I liked the decor.