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  • Simply Country Gifts & Southern Belles TeaRoom


    I have never done a review,but felt the need here.I am well informed to tearoom procedure haveing visited many on this coast,England,and working in one for several years. Visited your tearoom several times some five years back,but wasn't inclined to go back after all the new ones in the area opened. After recent reviews,my friends and went two weeks ago.Nothing has changed in our opinion. While the food is okay and rooms decorated in a style I like,they were all very hot.How do you eat a scone with your fingers?They fall apart.A fork would be nice.We had to wait over a half hour to be seated.Only one table of ladies were in the tearoom at the time.It would have been nice tohave been seated with a pot of tea till you had time to wiat on us.Hope you can get the work on ladies room done soon.It really needs it.

    Tearoom response:


    You know, reviews are a great tool for a tea room so they can improve their tea rooms, but sometimes, the spirit in which they are written are sometimes a bit suspicious. If you are the ladies I remember, #1, you arrived much earlier than your reservation, and although they may have only been one table of ladies @ that time, there are other groups before and after that you know not of that affect when we reserve your time. #2. I explained that the front room was warm and place you in the cooler room. We had a AC unit that was out and did not put you in that room. There are times when things do break and when you have9 ac units in a large tea room and store, you just can't help it sometimes. Especially in this extremely hot weather in the past 2-3 weeks. #3 I also explained to all the ladies who had been this past few weeks that we are having a sale and are clearing out several areas and expanding our bathroom and the one available, is temporary as we install a beautiful vanity this summer. If you had needed a fork, would have been glad to have given you one, but most of our guests, who by the way have been to many tea rooms and abroad, are quite happy to enjoy their afternoon tea with our dainty spoons and knives as most tea foods are finger type foods.

    As I said, when we are resetting up and preparing for a next large group of guests, sometimes we cannot seat a group early. I don't mind any suggestions, but this seems a bit mean spirited. We are glad you have visited other tea rooms in the area and hope you enjoy all your afternoon teas and hope to see you soon! God Bless.