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Pat Murray   

User's reviews

  • Abigail's Tea Room


    Upon our arrival, the owner was talking to an employee and never looked up to greet us. After waiting several minutes, she eventually looked up, asked our name, then scolded us for being 10 minutes late. She spent the next 10 minutes 'looking' for a table for 5 of us. The entire place had one other party of four!!! Then we were told we could only order 3 pots of tea for the 5 of us. It's a Tea Room!!! The waitress looked mad from the time she approached our table. She never smiled the entire time. The soup was good, but it was downhill from there. The tea sandwiches were tastelass. They had virtually nothing on them. The bread was dry. We were each given one teeny tiny scone on a plate. No more were included. The deserts were tastless, dry and not at all interesting. I would never go back to this dusty, tired old palce with crabby, senile, old ladies running it.

    Tearoom response:

    Pat..I am very sorry that you felt your visit was this bad. Frankly I just don't understand it at all, as told this way. I have never scolded anyone, although I may have mentioned you were almost 20 minutes late and we do understand, that many times with traffic, that can always happen. The problem was all our other tables were reserved for a large group coming in and since we try and give all our quest a full 2 hours to enjoy tea with Abigails, your table may have had to be changed to another so you would have that quality time with your quest. On busy days even 10 or 20 minutes late can become a problem. But I did seat you at a very nice large table and yes I 'suggested' a 3 pot limit on your table but, I also explained why. That is because 5 pots of tea on the table with all the other food we do bring for each quest, your table would be to cluttered and there would be no room for the tiered individule servers we bring each quest. However, I always tell my tables that we will refill your your pots with the same flavor or a different flavor and that they you will never run out of tea! And I do know we made a lot more pots of tea for your table and we were happy to do so. <BR> <BR> As for the rest of your comments about the food, my staff and the old ladies running it, I guess it is best left alone. All in all it was a bad experience for you and I can't change that but I am truly sorry we did not meet your expetations on this day.