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  • Barbara's Victorian Teahouse and Boutique


    I'd promised my daughter for many years that I'd take her to a teahouse. When a friend mentioned about Barbara's Teahouse, I immediately checked it out online. It got great ratings so I made my reservation for party of 6: myself, my daughter, my three sisters and my niece. Except the girls, we all had been to teahouses a few times. We have to say our experience at Babara's was a great disappoinment. For the price we paid for, $22.50 for Princess tea, including service fee , I expected more than what I got. Yes, Brabara is nice and friendly, but her service was not exceptional. When we arrived, all the food were on the table, all she did was serve us tea. The variety of tea served at Barbara's just as regular as any other tea houses, nothing special. And We had to share don't get your own. The quality of the food was horrible. We each got a tiny plate of raspberry vinagrette salad and mixed fruit(cut into very little cubes) for a starter. Then, the small scone which taste more like a muffin because it's so soft (even Trader Joe's taste much better) Then the sandwiches...4 small pieces each: 1/2 chicken salad croisant sandwich (the small size croisant), 1/2 tomatoe and cheese pesto croisant, 1/2 cucumber and cream cheese croisant, and a small egg salad sandwich with white bread that shaped like a Chinese dumpling. The quality and the taste of all the sandwiches are below standard for a teahouse. Then dessert, another big letdown. The chocolate dip strawberry was tiny, not very fresh. The lemon curd, the brwonie, and the heart shape cookie are about 1 inch sqauare size...again.. just regular taste, not exceptionally delicious... I am usuaaly not a picky eater, my sisters are. So if I complain about the food, it's very bad...and much worse for my sisters... Again, for the price I paid for, it's just not worth it. The best part about this experience? A chance to chat with my sisters..(Oh, there's a limit of the time you can stay..about 1 and 1/2 hour max..)...and we will have another great adventure story to talk about for many years to come.