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St. Saviour   

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  • Tea Station San Diego 2


    I'm not sticking up for anyone here. But my significant other and I had our bad experience when we visited the Tea Station in Mira Mesa. I do agree with 'Joe' that most of the servers at this joint were rude and slackers. They left us hanging and waiting and waiting and hanging, it's almost like the Energizer Bunny but in our case we're running out of energy. First, I personally had to grab a water pitcher just to fill my 'OWN' ...again... my own cup of water because everyone else was in the register station chit-chatting. Next scenario, WOW... we got our food in a matter of minutes. But can you imagine we still 'had' to tell or remind our server that we needed silverwares so we can start eating and guess what again!!!! You're right, it took them a while getting it.Damn it we're hungry!!! And to make the matter worse, one of the male servers was stung by a bee on his neck and yes it was a bee, not just a roach, is that clear? Yes??? yess??? Ok. good! Anyways, this happened 'inside' the store of course, here comes the big commotions as if he was bitten by an elephant. He was showing it off to all his female co-workers, like 'Hey you guys, I got stung by a huh' even though in pain kind'a thing? I undertand he's in pain and I was about to symphatize with this guy. But when I asked for our 'tea' he gave us this very disappointed facial expression and I've noticed, his browny-eyes turned from chinky to big round eyes, and his painstaking 'i'm in pain facial expression' turned from it to 'What da heck do you want and let me add can't you tell I'm in pain?' I really didn't mean to stop his 30-second fame with a couple of girls around him. But hey dood! 'Where the heck is the Tapioca Tea?!?!?!' Last but not the least, the BILL..he he. yes the Bill! I pulled out my debit card...ok I admit i didn't bring cash with me that day so shoot me! Anyways, the server goes like 'solly, but it ha toO beh 20 dolla'. When I saw the bill, it was WHOOPPPIIIINNN 18+ dollars. (oh my God, it's the end of the world). HELLLOOORRR? Tip will be added on it too. So she goes 'Okei Okei, but next time you can't do Okei??' Whew I said to myself, thank GOD it's over! Our visit was too comical and one can actually make a movie out of it. My suggestion is, go to the Tea Station in Convoy, they provide better service!!! 12/16/05