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  • Special Teas


    I have eaten at Special Teas more than a dozen times. The first few times I was very happy with the food, the ambience, everything BUT the service. I and my guest(s) were always made to feel like we were an imposition vs. a customer. We are not hard to please. So, I swore the tea house off for a few years and ventured back to give them another chance and was very happy with the service. I then had one of my daughter's 16th b'day parties there for her special friends. Extremely happy with the event. Since then, I took my two daughters back for tea/lunch on a weekday during vacation week, and when we walked in, they made us feel like we were crazy to expect to get a table for lunch. Instead of apologizing for being busy, or that we would have to wait, they hesitated, did not welcome us, and basically told us 'there is not a table for us'. We left in a huff. So, I called back today to try and make a reservation for a special lunch on Saturday and was rudely, manner of tone, presentation, told that they ONLY take reservations for 5. I thought for a split second and told her that I would bring two friends then. She snapped at me and basically called me a liar that I was just telling her that to get a reservation. I then tried to share with her my last experience when we came in and instead of saying 'oh gosh, i am sorry that happened to you,' she said that 'i doubt we looked at you like that and do you know how many people call and say they are bringing 5 people and show up knowing they are only bringing 4.' I calmly said, 'thanks' and hung up. They have lost a customer. I gave them more than enough opportunities to excuse their customer service skills but there is a point where it becomes more than 'we are having a bad day'. Too bad because the food and ambiance is lovely. Need customer service training.