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User's reviews

  • The Woodruff Inns


    a large variety of everything..but not on my top 10 to go back to.

  • British Pantry


    my friends love this place..but I can't see the charm in it.. there are many more that I would go back to and this is NOT one of them.

  • Miss Minerva's Tea Room & Gift Shop


    LOVE THIS PLACE... I heard they are up for sale...how sad. This was a nice, celan, upscale tea room with a variety of teas to offer. The owner is just 'special'. I will miss it. Best of luck in selling it.

    Tearoom response:

    Hi Barbi, Thank you for your continued patronage. Hopefully the teahouse will sell as is and continue. Until then, we will serve our guests as usual. It is because of people like you that makes this such a pleasure.