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  • Moffat's Gaelic Dish


    I am responding to this post as I was reading the reviews. I have no agenda and no connection to this tea room. In fact, I have a tea room and been in the tea business for a long time. I feel that this customer needs some education in the art of taking tea. First of all, it is an honor to have your tea poured. I am sure they are not trying to 'save on water'. It is important to keep the tea hot and perhaps they want to have a servants heart and pour your tea for you and keep it hot too! We do both depending on the situation. If it is a busy time and the table is crowded, we sometimes keep the tea in a cozy on a table close by and refill cups often. There have been guests burned if the pot is left on the table, especially with children in a group. A lot of times people are so busy talking they don't watch their children and also, sometimes people have spilled the tea and can burn themselves. As far as it being 'only water'. Please....good tea leaves are very expensive by the pound. It is not just water. You mentioned she brought different kinds of sugar....have you thought she might have been bringing you something to try that was different or new? We do leave our cubes on the table, but I have had a table for 2 use 2 bowls of sugar cubes. How they would have used that much sugar along with all of the other sweet items is a mystery to me. Also, you got lost? If you have been there before, that is quite a mystery too. I have spoken to a lot of different customers who have enjoyed this tea room and I feel this is a bit nit-picking. I am sure if you had asked, they would have left it on the table. Don't ruin the tea experience by this complaining when small businesses are trying to keep their head above water. For food to be delicious, it is very expensive to buy top ingredients and the labor involved in all of it...set up, service, cooking, clean up and much more. If you go to let's say applebee's, you will spend as much or more and not have near the experience and quality of food. Food prep on tea food takes twice as long to prepare as throwing a burger on the grill or making a salad. Don't gripe until you walk in another's shoes.

    Tearoom response:

    It is refreshing to have someone who truly understands tea and tearooms leave a review..many thanks for your support! All the Best to you!!!!