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Terry Lea Pepin   

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  • The Empress Tea Room & Event Dinning


    First of all I would like to say i have read the reviews of the Bride and by the way, Maid of Honor (not MADE as she spelled it) I am very sorry for your experience although i have gotten the other side of the story and i want to say several things. When you choose a 'Tea Room' atomosphere, it is because you have social grace or at least the humility and grace to accept ones apology, and this is an opportunity to show manners, eloquence and SOCIAL GRACE which all goes with the Tea Room atomosphere and of why Tea's were established...FOR PEOPLE WITH MANNERS. I know that things happen and people take things PERSONAL, but we as humans of a 'free world' are supposed to help one another, to forgive and not to judge and to not intentionallly try to damage ones livlihoold. I have known Kim and Mike for a very long time and they have catered parties for my events of over 300 to 400 people and have only had 'RAVE REVIEWS'...they are gracious people and would do anything to make things better if they were given the GRACE to do so. IF YOU BACK anyone into a corner and continue to insult and blame, you are putting that person on the defense to come back, we are all only human...and who was the one that said, People should be treat people the way they wan to be treated? And to insult the choice of champagne provided by the Tea Room is ridiculously immature and uneducated. IT is customers responsibility to know in advance what the Champagne was. You should do your own research before to see if this is an acceptable champagne and if you want to pay a higher price for something else. I am sure the proprietor would be glad to provide it for such a speacial event. I live in a prestigious neighborhood and all of my guests have always been satified by the quality of the food and service provided by Kim and Mikes staff. I am blessed to know them and when i plan any events, I plan to continue to have them help me, and if there is a mistake, we will work it out together as mature adults, with grace and humility. I am blessed to know these people and for those of you that were offened by a human error and one that she did try to correct with both parties, maybe you better take a good look at yourselves and if something really BAD HAPPENS in your lives, how will you handle it. WIll you handle it by 'attack and criticism and judgment' or will you do whatever you can to make it work..ESPECIALLY THE MAID OF HONOR and BRIDESMAIDS....GOD FORBID the GROOM make a mistake, or shows up late, what will you girls do to protect the Bride from any chaos?.. May GOD BLESS your future and may you find the humility, grace and peace that can only help you all grow to be better people... Terry Lea Pepin