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Thomas Wilson   

User's reviews

  • Governor Croswell Tea Room


    With any review, it's important to know a thing or two about the reviewer. Therefore, I'll offer a few crumbs about myself before explaining how I discovered the crown jewel of South Eastern Michigan, Governor Croswell Tea Room & Restaurant: 1. I love tea. I've been drinking it as long as I can remember. From white to oolong, lemon balm to longjing, I LOVE tea. 2. I am a native Canadian and currently live in Toronto, Ontario. The restaurants in Toronto are world class. I am 27 years old and am in my last year of law school. 3. I am a foodie in every sense of the word. I enjoy both new tastes and old. Spoiled by excellent cooking as a child, I know my way around a kitchen and have developed an appreciation for quality ingredients, innovative technique, and good hospitality. 4. I was in the area on a lark—on a road trip with friends to see the sights at Irish Hills. Now that you know a little bit about me, I will say, with confidence, that stumbling upon the Governor Croswell Tea Room was worth the entire 6 hour drive from Toronto. It is, most certainly, a tea room like no other. The room is decorated in a High British style and located in an historic building in the heart of downtown Adrian. Upon crossing the threshold, my friends and I were greeted by the proprietor, Al Wilkerson, who, instead of pointedly asking whether or not we’d like a seat, graciously inquired as to whether we’d like to stay and warm ourselves until the rain subsided—a pleasant start to a memorable afternoon. We took a table against the Western wall and were promptly waited upon by a courteous, charming, and neatly dressed server. I ordered a personal pot of Blackcurrant tea and a miniature lemon square. Shortly after visiting the spotless and handsomely decorated men’s room, I was presented with a steaming and marvellously hand-painted bone china pot. It was love at first drop. The tea was lovely – warm and refreshing, with the sharp and characterful flavour of blackcurrant. The lemon square, which arrived at exactly the right time, was delicious. It was not quite as good as my mother’s, but I’ll admit some bias in the matter. What more, the hospitality at Governor Crowswell’s was without equal. That bears repeating. The hospitality at Governor Crowswell’s was without equal. Al was warm-hearted and more than willing to share his vast knowledge of the area. The wait staff was attentive and very clearly hand-picked by Al. A highlight of the afternoon: the entire restaurant was treated to an impromptu and commanding a cappella performance from one of the tea house’s employees, a young vocal student who boasts a ringing tenor. So please, do yourself a favour and visit Governor Croswell Tea Room. The combination of fine teas, delicate china, beautiful décor, and warm hospitality will leave thirsty for more.

    Tearoom response:

    Thomas,<BR> What a marvelous review of our tea room. Thank You. It was a pleasure to meet all three of you and I commend your bravery for camping out during that cold, rainy weekend. Thanks again for randomly stopping by our new tearoom. We are glad you enjoyed your brief visit. You have a special talent for writing - we will celebrate your first novel ( John Grisham comes to mind) with a book signing at The Governor Croswell Tea Room. Thomas, have continued success with your last year in law school and we hope to see you again soon.......