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Tina Reinkemeyer   

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  • The Shoppe at Shady Gables Tearoom


    Dearest Pat, I don't know you and I don't know Reba. I had the fortune to find out about Shady Gables from a friend. I spent a lovely day today having tea with my mother. I have the ability to read and had made the reservation in advance which was a requirement before arriving to savor the plethora of goodies and the honest generosity of the hostess. I had made a reservation for three and one in my party was unable to attend. I had made the decision to go ahead and pay for the meal even though there were only two of us. Reba told me that she wouldn't hear of it and would only charge us for the two people present and that she was so sorry because two of her employees were out sick with the flu. I have been told on more than one occasion that I indeed am rather snobby and have an air of superiority about me. So I suppose that would make me somewhat an expert on snobbery. None of the people that own or help operate the business would I even consider slightly uppity. You Pat on the other hand have shown your hand of cards. You obviously either don't understand or choose to be ignorant of the fact that empty tables doesn't necessarily mean there were available seats. If you would have just made the required reservation, ones of those little tables could have had your name on it. Also if you would do the research you would find the the 'little spot in road' has quite a history. Furthermore, the correct spelling of 'there' should have been 'their'. I do believe you may need some of those manners classes too! I had an enjoyable time today and plan on going back often to enjoy many more special teas with my family and friends. Reba was the perfect hostess even though she was short two employees and when I looked around everyone else seemed to be in the same frame of mind. Please Pat I sincerely hope that you do not come back and ruin it for the rest of us! Tina Reinkemeyer