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Truly Disappointed   

User's reviews

  • Olivia's Tea Room


    Our recent visit was a tremendous disappointment on so many levels. First, the house blend was 'borrowed' from a local tea room so they did not even have their own. Second, I do not think I have ever had so much white bread and cream cheese in all my life. It is clear their market is for children. I guess they should stick to that. Also, the owner made a point to tell us the dessert served was leftovers from her birthday gift from a friend. So we paid for a regift. What poor taste and how uncouth! Lastly, the staff continued to talk to us about endless topics which we did not appreciate...their grandchildren, local traffic problems and others. I was there to talk to my guest not them. They also clearly told us they wanted us to review their tearoom so they could improve their standing on Apparently, the number of reviews improves their rating whether or not the reviews are good or bad. If that is true, the teamap rating system is not very meaningful. For such a nice local town, this tea shop is really a black eye for Camp Hill. The Chamber of Commerce in Camp Hill would not be pleased with such a shop taking up such prime real estate in their town.

    Tearoom response:

    So sorry you were so disappointed. We are here to serve our guest and hope they enjoy their stay. I am surprised at this review for you kept saying how much you loved it. Our house blend is not just like someone else for we add another blend with it. We also served you another of our own blends and also our own ice tea blend. The dessert was JUST like the one I got for my birthday a week ago and it was so good I purchase it from a local fresh market. We also like our guest to review us (good or bad) to see how we are doing. We have been in Camp Hill for over 5 years and hope to be for many more. Again I am sorry for your disappointment.