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User's reviews

  • Abigail's Tea Room


    I went there Feb 7th 2015 and i was very excited to find such a adorable and unique place to be with my friends.Once we got there Customer service began and it was horrible the lady at the gift shop had the worst attitude and was very rude not only to me but to 2 other of my friends.Once we sited at our table the lady taking our order was also rude and very impatient to us even thought we told her it was our first time there. Then lastly the lady coming around to give us our checks got rude with one of my friends when she told her that she did not have Tea which she didn't cause she doesn't like tea the lady pick up her cup and look at it and gave her a face saying out loud ha ! like my friend lie about it.. I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN and neither will my friends and i was there with a group...like a said the place is charming but the service was horrible.. Disappointed !