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  • Tea Station San Diego 2


    I guess I wasn't the only person received poor quality tea. I used live in SF Bay area and work one block away from a Lollicup, so I get my boba from Lollicup regularly. Ever since I moved to San Diego, I have been craving for boba tea. Lack of any good choices, I stopped by at this Tea Station. I got a very basic boba with black tea for $2.69 ($2.50+tax). It was the MOST horrible tasting boba I have ever had in my life, period... The tapioca pearls were rock hard, the center was still solid. I couldn't taste any tea flavor in the liquid. What I tasted was literally watered down milk plus 1 week worth of sugar, some water used to raise a tea pot for color, in a cup. I complained about the poor taste, so they reluctantly made another tea for me (the staff had an unpleasant attitude). The second one tasted just as bad as the first one (figures, since they come from the same batch of pearls) Out of frustration, I left the establishment in disgust without raising further concerns. I am not a picky person at all, but apparently, Tea Station has absolutely no standards or no understanding of how to make a decent boba tea at all. Lollicup on the other hand always keeps their quality standard very high. No matter which store you visit, you always get the same great tasting tea with perfectly textured boba pearls--every time. Just to give you an idea how bad Tea Station is: I would never go back there again. I would rather rid of my boba habit than going back to another Tea Station. You can get better boba anywhere else (even though 99c deal out of some restaurent), including those frozen packaged ones from 99 Ranch. I called the phone number on the cup (corporate office) and spoke to a very polite gentleman. He apologized for my experience, and offered 2 free boba teas to me if I was to visit another store on Clairemont Mesa, next to 99 Ranch. Either the arrangement weren't made between him and the staff or the staff at Clairemont Mesa just forgot about this. When I showed up about 2 weeks later, they knew nothing about this 'free' replacement tea. Needless to say, I am NOT happy. Take my advise and that of Vanessa's, go somewhere else... Tea Station has no clue how to make a good boba, and the price is clearly a ripoff for this lousy tasting tea.

    Tearoom response:

    I apologize for the bad experiences you went thru with our San Diego #2 store. Your important opinion had been forward to our QC and believe you already talk to our QC officer.