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Betty Bean   

User's reviews

  • Lavender'n Lace


    Let’s set the record straight: this is NOT a Tea Room, it is a restaurant (and not a good one at that). There is no Queen’s Tea, High Tea, or Afternoon tea. The food was ordinary, the desert stale, and the service poor. My Tunnel of fudge cake (rich chocolate cake with a special fudge/nut center served with chocolate amaretto sauce and whip cream) was as hard as a rock, came with no sauce or whipped cream. If you look at their website you will see there are no teas listed but there was a small selection of teas to choose from and the apricot was horrible. There was no ambiance whatsoever. The picture on their web site shows only one of the rooms, the refrigerator holding the desserts is in the corner of this room and greatly detracts form the Victorian feeling. The room we were seated in was painted yellow with no décor on the walls that invoked the gentler Victorian time. While I like mixed & matched china I expect it to be in good condition, not cracked and chipped. There was no air conditioning in the place and the rooms were hot and stuffy. The cashier station was set right at the door as you walked in and when a line formed it was blocking the entrance/exit and went into the main dining room and bothered the guests. The gift shop had very little in the way of things for a tea lover, just one book on tea and one hutch of tea cups and pots. All the items in the shop were over priced. If you are looking for a great tea experience this is NOT it: Go elsewhere. The only reason this should be on TEAMAP. COM is to warn customers away.

    Tearoom response:

    dear betty <BR> all of us at the tea room are in shock and disbelief after reading your review of the tea room the 20 years that we have been in business we have,nt had a guest as disappointed as you were ..i want to assure you that we are always striving to do better and are open to any suggestion and positive critique ....but if any of your complaints were to be actual facts we would not have survived this long with a very loyal and consistant following of our customers ..all of us at the tea room take a lot of pride and joy in what we do and love doing it everysingle day ..i want to address each one of your complaint to actualy set the record straight theres no confusion for those who wish to visit us in the future .We do offer afternoon teas by reservation and have hosted several over the years .we have narrowed our selection of tea to 14 different kinds due to the demand and preference of our guests and keeping in mind the freshness of tea leafs .as far the ambiance is concerned we could,nt be luckier to find a better setting than this ..a beautiful old victorian house overlooking the lake and beautiful gardens ,each room has a selection of antique china ,lace pictures and mirrors ..and our website does show three of the differnt rooms.we take special pride in the quality and presentation of our food ..everything is prepared fresh on the premises and no likely hood of serving stale food any given day ..we are a four star restaurant by food critics .<BR> as far as the gift shop is concerned we have 2 hutches instead of one that is filled with china and tea accessories and they are displayed all around the gift shop ...and i do wish there was one thing we could have done right to get a positive remark from you . but you seemd to have been on a mission to dicard any notion of appriciation of beauty that so many compliment us on everyday .<BR> sincerely <BR> sara and hafeez <BR>