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A. Sereshian   

User's reviews

  • Aggie's Closet and Tea Room


    The environment that Aggie's tea room creates is exceptional as they have intricately decorated every square foot of their establishment. It is for this reason that one would come with high expectations for an enjoyable afternoon tea experience. This is a TEA ROOM after all and it is absolutely unforgivable that Aggie's TEA ROOM not only doesn't carry loose leaf teas but has a very limited tea selection. The Orange Spice is a black tea, and even though I stole an extra tea bag and to put in the pot, I must say it was blandest black tea I have ever lay my lips upon. How on God's green earth can the 3 other people that have written a review of this place say with a straight face that 'the variety of fine teas offered' or the 'artistry of tea preparation' were anything less than lacking and poor quality? Overall, Aggie's should be stripped of their 'tea room' name until they understand the importance of proving REAL quality tea to their customers! I have been to tea rooms far and wide, and Aggie's has to rank dead last in terms of tea selection, quality, and taste. The food was in the lower echelon of tea rooms that I have been to. The taste the slice quiche leaves in your mouth is not worth trip the server makes from their fridge to the microwave to your plate. Save yourself the trouble and order anything else if you still desire to go there. Further, don't get the french onion soup.