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User's reviews

  • The Sweet Life Cafe


    This place is now called 'Choices by Shawn'. I was Not impressed. Service was poor, done by somebody who didn't seem to know much of what was being served. The dessert was a choice of two types of commercial cupcakes, marginal in taste, and served refrigerator cold. Plus, everybody in the same party had to order the same type of tea. So you have to know in advance what you are having when making the reservation, let alone having to order the same as everybody else. I left with the impression that it is a place that does the very minimum... It is obvious they make no effort in making the experience and the food special. Plus, it is not really a tea house. It is mostly a restaurant, which would explain the amateurish nature of the service and the food. The service charge is automatically added to the bill when the service is not that good anyway.