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Molly DuBose   

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  • ZenCha


    Variety: They had a decent selection of tea although there were a few I was hoping they might have that they didn't. Their tea seemed of decent + quality. We were trying to find a place that served Gong Fu style and nothing came up online and we were pleasantly surprised that they served our first tea with a Gong Fu pot. Unfortunately, they did not have the full Gong Fu service. Artistry: Eh - the environment was like Chipotle - semi modern and nothing thrilling. They had a variety of tea pots and served each tea with a different pot but I don't believe there was a reason behind it for their choices. Service: Poor. The young woman that served us was nice enough BUT I do not believe that she really listened to anything we had to say and they were not that busy. She had the same response to almost anything we sad. We had told her how we did not enjoy 2/3 teas and then she told us how she was glad we loved our experience haha. She was new, so take that for what it's worth but she knew NOTHING about the tea from the traditional hot teas to the bubble tea. We started with a couple of green teas and then decide to have an African Tea (I don't remember the name but it was supposed to be very citrusy and fruity in description) and she said we would really enjoy that compared to the other ones and then my husband and I started laughing because it tasted like cough syrup and she was like "Oh yea, that one totally does". Well, okay...shouldn't you have said something if you knew? I don't think she knew anything. I don't have a problem with her being new but she should have been paired with someone to answer questions about the teas. She didn't know the history, flavor, etc of any of them. I had never had bubble tea before and I asked her about that - again she knew nothing. I had to ask my FaceBook friends for advice. I did select one and semi enjoyed it but the only advice she could give me was how she liked hers but not why or why I might want to choose one pairing or another. Their website was out of date. We went because we saw they were open until 10pm. Another group came in and wanted to order at 9 and they said they were closing. We all told them their website says 10pm and they said they need to update that - please do. Food: I rated it as average as we did not have any and it does not allow me to select n/a. I did see several dishes pass by and they all looked pretty ordinary - there wasn't anything that went by where I was like oh, I need to try that.