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Aimee Charbeneau   

User's reviews

  • Kaleisia Tea Lounge


    Once you've been to Kaleisia, you're a customer for life! This is the most beautiful and relaxing shop; tea or otherwise, that I've ever patronized. The shop owners are kind, friendly and beyond helpful- even so far as to learning their customer's names, a trait hard to find elsewhere. The personalized attention, soothing colors and music all pale in comparison to the outstanding beverages at Kaleisia. The teas are all of the highest quality. From White teas, green teas, oolong teas, black teas, herbals and rooibos (red tea), all of their teas have samples on display to see and smell. The girls are very knowledgeable and are eager to share that knowledge with you, should you ask. The prices of both the loose teas and the infusions are very reasonably priced. Loose teas are priced by the ounce. You can even choose to purchase your loose tea in a decorative (and convenient) canisters that are hand filled before you, with care. Teas of your choice are brewed by the cup or the pot and are all done with beautiful presentation in crystal clear cups and pot so you can add visual to the enjoyment factors. The also offer tea to go, and if you’re especially rushed, call ahead and it will be ready for you to pick up. My mom and I both took advantage of this recently for a trip to Tennessee. The girls took my 64 oz. container the night before and with one call it was filled and ready for us to take on the trip! Last but not least are the asian smoothies. A cool drink of heaven in a glass! My personal favorite is the Lychee smoothie with Lychee jellies. Beware! they are highly addictive! ;) They are served up with an extra wide straw so the jellies don’t get stuck, or the tapioca pearls (boba), which are also offered. There are many varieties of fruit smoothies and they are very smooth and sweet all the way through -no watered down taste at the end and no “grit” like you find at most smoothie places. One taste and it was all I could think about! I recommend the “monkey picked” oolong, which is my personal favorite as is the Genmaicha (popcorn tea) green and the Snowbud white. My mom’s favorites are the soursop black tea (a tropical fruit infused black tea) and Earl Grey (black tea with oil of bergamot). Once a month on Saturday there is a tea tasting and presentation for those who would like to learn and experiment with new tastes. We were at the first and are looking forward to tomorrow’s. Thank you, to the lovely ladies of Kaleisia! See you there...