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Cheryl C   

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  • Tea Time Fun


    I spoke with Tea Time Fun because my daughter has milk and egg allergies. They were very unhelpful in dealing with her situation- they stated that they didn't have anything she could eat and that we wouldn't be allowed to bring anything in for her. This is the first place in 7 years that an establishment has been insensitive to my daughter's needs and unwilling to work with us on an alternative option. Her allergy is considered a disability, and she is being discriminated against according to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992. For a business that claims to be child friendly, I find it to be very unaccommodating.

    Tearoom response:


    We are very sorry that we were unable to accommodate your daughter and her food allergies. As we stated during our call with you, all of the food we serve at Tea Time Fun contains milk and egg, and therefore we couldn't substitute. Our policy of not allowing outside food and drink safeguards our establishment from potential lawsuits, as we are responsible for all food consumed at Tea Time Fun, whether we prepared it or not. The Americans with Disabilities Act does not consider that discrimination.

    I am sorry that in your frustration and disappointment you hastily made an erroneous accusation without fully understanding the American with Disabilities Act. For your convenience, I have included the various Acts under the Americans with Disabilities Act:

    Architectural Barrier Act; Rehabilitation Act; Individuals with Disabilities Education Act; Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act; National Voter Registration Act; Voting Accessibility of Elderly & Handicapped Act; Air Carrier Access Act; Fair Housing Act; Telecommunications Act; Employment; and Public Transportation.

    Again, we are sorry that we were unable to accommodate your daughter’s allergies and that you felt that we were being unkind with our policies.