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User's reviews

  • Calabash Garden Tea Room


    My best friend and I are in our early twenties, and since these college years have taken us apart and taken up a lot of our time, it always means a lot for us to share a lot of meaningful moments together when we are both home in myrtle beach, sc. Especially now, since she will be moving to Europe at the end of this month for a year. From our very first visit to the Calabash Garden Tea Room, it was love at first sight, and we knew we had discovered a hidden treasure that we'd be visiting as often as we could. She and I are both admirers of all things beautiful, vintage, and dreamy. You can tell that their food is made with a lot of care and love, from the beginning to the very end, it's art. We are both so overly infatuated with their tomato bisque, if I lived closer to the tea room I would be addicted. Every little finger sandwich, every scone, every little sweet on that three tiered serving tower is a little creation of beauty. The decor is so feminine and sweet, with a bit of eclectic charm, with it's non-matching teacups and saucers and varied shabby chic furnishings. One of my favorite things is the way that they have the bottoms of trees and walkways outside lined with broken saucers, plates, and tea cups. You can tell that the owner, Kathy, has really put her heart and soul into creating a place that's very rare, special, and unique. She even gave an adorable little tea cup and saucer to my best friend as a gift and wished her well on her move. She is really such a sweet and warm lady and it was so nice getting to talk with her. We really only have good things to say about this lovely little place, it's such a gem, we love it so much. Thank you for making our experience so special every time we visit.