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Christine Radlmann   

User's reviews

  • Harmony Tea Room


    There are a lot of positives about Harmony Tea Room. The room itself is much roomier than other tea houses--I had high tea with a party of four and we weren't crowded at all. Plus many of the tables are next to the large windows, offering lots of sunlight and nice street views. (Only downside is that it got wicked hot at our table at the sun was shining right on us.) Our server was curteous but not cheerful in the slightest, and she read the specials (only four) off a piece of paper, even though it was 3 pm and surely she must have memorized those four specials by then). She neglected to tell us that we had a choice of scone flavor with our high tea--we figured that out by reading a sign over her head, fortunately. She also neglected to offer milk with our tea, and we had to ask her twice for it. The salads were excellent, very flavorful. The finger sandwiches also were very good and the assortment included a few yummy unusual ones, though our unfriendly waitress didn't care to explain anything that was on our tray. The scones were a little dry--we tried the cinnamon oatmeal and cherry cream, and neither were memorable. The dessert tier of the high tea was the most disappointing--there were only three desserts offered on that tier and all were the same color--a bland yellow! One was a dry 'pecan sandy' type of cookie, and the other two were indiscernable muffins or breads of some sort, not very pleasing to the eye nor palate. My English breakfast tea was very good, though my companion complained that her chai tea didn't have much flavor. I very much appreciated that we were not rushed during our meal, even though it was Mother's Day weekend. I also appreciated the use of real china at the tables (a shabby chic hodgepodge of patterns) and the very bright and cheerful decor.