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User's reviews

  • Calabash Garden Tea Room


    I must say I had to laugh when I read the three poor reviews that are written below about The Calabash Tea Room. Those reviews are about the farthest thing from the truth about The Calabash Tea Room! I even begin to wonder if these ladies were even at this tea room! This place is EXCELLENT and deserves to ranked number one in NC and I would even rank it number one out of all the tea rooms I've visited across the country. I can't even imagine someone saying they left this tea room hungry!!! So hungry that you needed a snack, wow you must be a BIG eater. I consider myself to have quite a large appetite and I have never left hungry from this tea room. If anything, you may need things wrapped to take home!! The teas are wonderful, the food is out of this world!!! The owner does an outstanding job of making some of the most delicious things I've ever tasted! You must visit this tea room if you are in the area, you will not be disappointed.

  • Teaberry's Tea Room


    After visiting several tea rooms all over the country, I was very excited to finally visit Teaberry's. I visited Teaberry's on a Saturday afternoon and had called to make a reservation a couple of weeks ahead of time. I requested an early afternoon tea reservation for noon. We arrived at 11:55am, and were quickly seated in a back room with only two tables. One table was a large table with a large party seated at it, and the other table was a very small table for two tucked against the wall. This wasn't the most ideal situation as we felt we were almost intruding on this private party. There were several other tables open which we would had much rather preferred to sit at, but I didn't say anything and just made the best of it. We were handed lunch menu's and as soon as our Nippy attended to us, I explained I had a made the reservation for afternoon tea. At that point she brought back our menu's and said to us....' The Hostess wants you to know that you have to hurry if your having afternoon tea'. I said, 'What are you talking about, I have to hurry? I made a 12pm reservation, and now I have to hurry?' This was an immediate turn off. I said, how long do I have or should I just leave now? Needless to say my entire tea wasn't as enjoyable after this rude comment was made. The nippy returned and explained we had until 2pm but we would need be done by 1:45pm. First of all, In no way would I ever expect to be told to hurry! I understand there are reservation made, and we would never stay past a 2 hour period, but being told the second we were handed menus to hurry- was downright rude. I will not be going back to teaberry's after this experience and look foward to visiting other tea rooms. I suggest the owner teach her staff a polite way to tell patrons that they have a 2 hour time block. Maybe even put that on her website or post it, but not tell customers-'The hostess told me you have to hurry' Sorry but this ruined my experience. The food was ok, the tea I had was good.

    Tearoom response:

    Dear Colleen,

    I am extremely saddened to read your review. You actually had a very popular full size table for 2 in a lovely bay window area. You were not intruding on the other table because they did not request a private room. The other tables you saw were reserved Colleen. I shall investigate the waitress' comment as the word 'hurry' is certainly not appropriate. Our fabulous customers do understand that during busy times there may be a window of time to work in. If we have no time constraints they may linger for hours if they would like to. I do think it would have been better to ask to speak to the hostess or owner and voice your displeasure at the time rather than let it ruin your tea party. It is very sad that we have lost a customer and not been given a chance to correct the situation. Again I must say I am deeply sorry you were offended because had I known of your experience it would have been altered as we go out of our way to make our customers content. Again it is very sad to be judged so harshly when we work so very hard to make the experience wonderful for our loyal customers.

    I do wish you happy tea travels.

    Most sincerely,

    Susan Peterson, owner - Teaberry's