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User's reviews

  • Chado Tea Room


    WOW! I have a hard time believing that so many people that wrote reviews have actually been to this 'tea room'. I was SO surprised to experience such horrors because of the rave reviews that I feel compelled to write one of my own. First of all I called to make a reservation and didn't get a very warm and fuzzy greeting. The man who answered the phone was so hard to understand because of his abrubt replies and extremely thick hispanic accent. Nevertheless, I just figured someone had answered the phone that doesn't normally do so because I was calling early in the day. We walked in a little surprised at the cafe setting rather than the frilly atmosphere we were expecting, and were 'greeted' with a busboy looking fellow who said 'two?'. I replied that I had made a reservation and could only assume that he didn't speak much english because all he did was motion to a table. There was never an explanation of the menu or any sort of welcome. Very disappointing. So we ordered the ONE tea menu that they offered. It was inedible. If you expect your egg salad to be gray and taste like burned tea with the consistancy of chalky egg, then go here. No I'm not exaggerating. The 'mediterranean' sandwich had so many stems and had dirt in it that it was obviously inedible. We were never offered a choice of what type of store bought old bundt cake that came with our tea, so my friend and I got served a lemon slice and a chocolate slice. It was just not good. Also we were never given a choice of what kind of scone we would like because apparently they offer different varieties. Fortunately I was served a plain scone, while my poor friend was given the most awful orange-cranberry scone that I've ever tasted. I don't mean to be so rude, but we were never checked on by the server and were just so saddened that such great reviews misled us. Thank God it was only $15 a person. And as for their tea varieties, I' take a hundred less tea selections for some edible food. I hope the owner will re-evaluate her menu.

  • Tea and Teacups


    I have to say, I hadn't heard great things about this tearoom but read some good postings so I decided to try it for myself. The staff was friendly and the strawberry soup was good, but the rest left much to be desired. The tea sandwiches weren't great and I have been to places with better ambiance. Not that it's really their fault, but they are located in a strip mall. I guess I am just used to visiting my favorite tea room thats in a cute little yellow house. The girls at tea and teacups were again, very sweet, but the food could use some help. Definatley NOT the best scones I have had, but all in all an 'o.k.' experience.