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Julia's Tea Parlor

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2280 Wallace Rd NW, Salem, OR 97304, USA 503-378-7060 Suggest Changes

Sun closed Mon closed Tue 10:00am – 4:00pm Wed 10:00am – 4:00pm Thu 10:00am – 4:00pm Fri 10:00am – 4:00pm Sat 10:00am – 4:00pm

Recent reviews

    • Natasha


      The lady didn't come to help us at all the whole time. We were waiting for her to come back and fill our tea and we actually had to go and find her and ask her to bring us some more milk and tea. The service was just ridiculous. I went with my grandma and we complained to her about the service which she offered for us to come back and it would be free but we didn't go back again. It was unpleasant.

    • Jasindra


      This place had a huge selection of tea but it was filthy. The lady who served us had been working in the garden out back and her hands dripped dirt on the counter while we paid our bill. We didn't use the sugar cubes on the tables because the handles had grime crusted on them. The food had been made the day before and reheated. We had made reservations in advance but they had decided to close the tea house in preparation of mother's day so they opened up just for us - which was a nice gesture but the rest of the visit was uninspiring and we won't be going back.

    • Janet H.


      I love this place. If you still have a little girl inside you (I sure do) or have a daughter this place is a tea party kind of place. I have been here several times for special mother daughter teas, bridal showers and baby showers. It is a great historical home and they even have hats and wraps for you to dress up in. Great selection of teas and the best scones around.

    • Starr


      Great Tea Room. We really enjoyed the visit. We dressed up in hats and took lots of pictures. Thank for the memories.

    • Karen


      I went to this tea room about 5 yrs. ago. Decided to try it again w/my grand daughter on her 5th birthday. I will NEVER go back! Very dirty is right! Bathroom was gross! Service was terrible. I finally called the front desk from my cell phone while sitting at our table to get more milk for our tea. Food was bad!!!! DO NOT GO!

    • Cherise 09/22/07


      We celebrated my friends birthday here and what a wonderful experience we had,the victorian deor was beautiful, the food excellent ( scones out of this world, so tastey)the owner served us and she was very delightful and friendly, the dress up was alot of fun too, we will recommend this to our families and friends and we will return for another wonderful tea experience....thank you

    • Domnica


      I have been to many tea rooms. This one is the most distgusting. It is dirty, dirty, dirty. The bathroom was so gross. Our scones were burnt and stale. The service was horrible. I will never return or recommend it to anyone.

    • Tamara


      The variety of tea was good but I would never go here again. It was very, very dirty. The carpet in the tea room was pink (I think), it looked nearly black with filth. It was also cold and dark in the room, there was a space heater out to warm up the room. When the gal checked us out, she had been out working in the flower beds and her hands were covered in dirt. Not on my list of places to return to.

    • Claudia La Mar


      Although my daughters really enjoyed being able to pick their teas and dress up in period style clothing, the waitress was very pushy for us to order the more expensive items for the girls and I ended up spending a lot more than I had intended. It was our first experience at a tea room and I was not expecting the prices I found. Also, the dessert was only one item choice and it was ALL choclate. It was too much chocolate even for the girls and we ended up not eating it. After all of the sweet items that came with our selections, we definetly needed better choices. It was a fun experience overall, but I was not impressed with the menu items at all or the unfriendliness of the waitress.

    • Anne Kultala


      I would have to agree with Corliss. The tea selection was impressive. Sandwiches were tasty. But sad to report, our scones were burned on the bottom as well and tasted 'day old'. The desert selection was disappointing too--store-bought(?) cake and a tasteless pastry. The experience was a bit of a disappointment as our group traveled over an hour in anticipation of a quality high tea. The facility is quite cozy but the owner created a 'chill'. We felt rushed to make selections and that we had inconvenienced her by having to serve us. I would personally encourage the owner to be more welcoming to her guests and make them feel as if she truly was happy to receive their business. Maybe it was just a bad day?!

    • Patti


      My sister and I took our mother her for lunch. Would recommend highly. We were allowed to stay for a long time chatting and just enjoying the day. The food was so good and enjoyed the tea selection (largest selection I have seen). Above all you would enjoy the atmosphere. It is decorated with hats and old furs you are allowed to wear. What more could a girl want than to have a grown up tea party. We are looking forward to going back with my niece.

    • Corliss Rogers


      The tea itself was very good and properly brewed, and the quiche was delicious. After that, things went downhill. The scones - the cornerstone of afternoon tea - were burned on the bottom and had been heated in a microwave, making them soggy and very unappetizing. The sandwiches were OK, but the desserts were seriously lacking. The gift shop did yield some good tea magazines that I was happy to find, but the actual tea experience was not great.

    • Marcela R.


      I love this place! It is fun and will help you embrace the child within. The food is to die for and the atmosphere is filled with warmth. The owner's husband may be chatty, but he is very knowledgeable. I visit Julia's as often as possible!

    • SH


      This is a nice Tea room. The food was good and the Tea selection was vast. The prices are fair and the service was lacking a little but on the whole OK. The problem l feel is that this is a lovely old historical house but shows none of this is the drap and needy decor of the interior. A little work and this place could be drop dead gorgeous.

    • Miss Tiffany Ann


      Delightfully delectable!