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Miro Tea

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5405 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107, USA 206.782.6832 Website Suggest Changes

Mon-Sat 8am-10pm

Sun 8am-8pm

Recent reviews

    • Meredith Fore


      Don't go here looking for quiet, but it's a lively, bright place with people who are clearly passionate about tea. Had a lovely conversation with an employee about pu erh. It's a little far for me to visit regularly, but I definitely recommend it to friends in the area.

    • W



      Miro Tea's high point is actually their menu of crepes, which is saying something, because they have an extensive list of high-quality tea, and it's prepared well.

    • S

      S. Boedigheimer


      I recently visited this tea bar after getting several very positive reviews from my friends and colleagues, so I ventured a visit to Ballard to see what Miro Tea had to offer. I was very impressed. Having travelled to many places, I have never seen such an impressive space designed to stimulate the experience of tea. Very appealing, eco-friendly decor. The tea was excellent (I had a pot of Super Monkey) and the food was fantastic. Try the crepes (we had the Apple, Fig and Walnut, which was out of this world) and the cheesecakes. This place deserves the five stars I'm giving it all around. We will be back here for sure!!

    • B

      Brian E Boldt


      My girlfriend and I have recently discovered Gongfu style tea, and we were VERY excited to run across this shop online. We called them to confirm that they did indeed serve tea in the Gongfu tradition. We mentioned that we ran across their website and were planning on driving out from Bothell to enjoy their tea late Friday night. Their website had indicated that they were open until midnight on Friday and Saturday. That would work perfect for us! We arrived Friday night just before 10pm, to find the chairs already turned over and that they were closing! We mentioned our situation: what the website had indicated, that we called in the day prior, and that we drove all the way out from Bothell just to enjoy their tea. They said, 'sorry,' we can only give you tea in a tea bag, and that we could not drink it in the shop! (And mind you it is like 9:55-10:05pm; their real closing time is 10pm.) That was bad enough, but the reason that I am compelled to write this review is because they TOLD ME THAT THEY KNEW ABOUT THE INCORRECT TIME ONLINE!!!!! They knew about it, and, I quote, 'Have not been able to find anyone to change it!' I asked what that meant (I mean it IS their website, right?), and they ignored me, kept cleaning up, and then looked up after a few seconds and asked if I wanted tea to go or not! We were both furious! It was like a world record for rudeness! Plus, when I called in they day before, I mentioned that I found them via their website and mentioned that I would be coming 'late.' Now, if they KNEW that their advertised times were wrong, and they were 'unable' to change them (again, what the heck does that mean, anyway?), would they not mention that to someone driving in from out of town!? Anyway, we will never step foot in there again, needless to say, especially, now that we have found 'Floating Tea Leaves.' They are a shop just around the corner that we noticed as we were leaving and I planed to come back the following day, alone. They are at 2213 NW Market St., #100. The owner, Shiuwen, is SO, SO, SO very kind, and she spent something like an hour teaching me Gongfu methods and sampling me tea, some of which she did not even charge me for! The difference is night and day.

      Tearoom response:

      Dear Brian,

      Thank you for your comments and for visiting our store. We always value feedback from our customers. At Miro Tea, we are committed to the highest level of customer service.

      We are sorry to hear about your disappointing experience and for your confusion about our store hours. Our web site clearly indicates the correct store hours (see: 'Visit Us' link at, and our employees may have alluded to the fact that we're currently in the process of re-vamping/updating our web site to support our rapidly growing business. During the summer months we extended our normal operating hours on Friday and Saturday evenings (where we stayed open until midnight), and this may have been the source of your confusion if you relied upon early reviews/postings. Our hours of operation are:

      - MON-SAT: 8:00AM-10:00PM

      - SUN: 8:00AM-8:00PM

      We are pleased to see that you have developed an interest in Gongfu style tea service. At Miro Tea, we proudly offer Gongfu style tea service to our customers, and we are excited to let you (and others know) that in the coming months we plan to feature tea tastings that incorporate this time-honored tea experience.

      The Miro Tea Team

    • A



      Now, let's be fair. I don't hang out here a lot, but I always feel welcome and comfortable in this establishment. For a modern, urban tea bar they have done their best to please everyone, which may be their only downfall. The tables and tea wares are very chic, the tables made from fallen old growth, the wares glass on flame. They actually have too many teas to handle them properly, but I suppose that many modern tea drinkers demand quantity over quality. It is not for the lonely seamstress, the sinophile, or the teaist, but it is a VERY pleasant place to go for average to good pot of tea with friends.

      Tearoom response:

      Dear Aaron,

      Many thanks for your kind feedback regarding your exprience at Miro Tea. As a business, we always value the feedback we are provided by our customers.

      We do carry a wide variety of teas at Miro Tea to meet the growing/evolving needs of our customers. Our teas have been carefully chosen for their taste, value, and quality by our on-house tea specialists. We would argue that we carry some of the finest teas in the entire Pacific Northwest region.

      We are in the process of updating our tea menu and I think you will be very pleased to find this menu to be more to your liking (it will be easier to navigate and designed with an eye towards making the selection process even easier).

      We invite you to visit us again and hope that in the coming months you will be equally excited and pleased with our new menu.

      With kind regards,

      The Miro Tea Team

    • M

      Mellow Fellow


      If crowded, noisy cafeteria like atmospheres are for you, then give it a try. The tea selection was okay, but not great. I didn't have any food, but my companions enjoyed the crepes. One complaint would be the amount of clutter you are given when you order a pot of tea. Tea warmer, tea pot, lid, infuser, timer and glass. Times that by 4 on a 2' x 2' table makes for very tight quarters.

      Tearoom response:

      Dear Mellow Fellow,

      We thank you for your feedback regarding your experience at Miro Tea. At Miro Tea, we are committed to customer service and satisfaction.

      Our tea bar offers an impressive selection of high-quality artisan teas sourced from around the world. We believe that we have the best repertiore of teas in the entire Puget Sound region. We create a unique tea experience for customers to experience variety and quality teasa in a way that is not overwhelming or intimidating. Certainly if you have ideas on how we can further improve the bredth of our tea selection, we are open to your suggestions.

      Certainly, to experience a fine cup of tea requires the proper equipment. We pride ourselves in using teawares that fit our urban experience. Our seating and tables provide a complimentary experience. You may have chosen to sit at one of the small tables, thereby making your table space seem cramped. We have several large tables (including one table that seats four) that spans more than four feet in length.

      We thank you for your patronage and welcome your next visit.

      With kind regards,

      The Miro Tea Team

    • T



      This is a new place in the Ballard historic neighborhood. It's a tea bar that feels like a coffee house without the coffee. Somewhere to go if you just want a good cup of loose leaf tea, nothing else. One, non-refilled cup will set you back about $3. The food is an assortment of crepes (which were good), sandwiches and overly cooled desserts from a case (not great). The staff that served me were nice but the owner was very snotty when I asked a question about her establishment. She needs to go back to hospitality school. Good variety of teas and they do offer free samples of some of them. Don't look for ambiance, relaxation, or a welcoming spirit here.

      Tearoom response:

      Miro Tea is a modern tea bar focused on reinventing the experience and enjoyment of tea for the modern tea consumer. As a business, we are committed to creating an experience for our customers that is truly unique and enjoyable.

      We always welcome feedback from our customers. We do note, however, that will always be others out there that are accustomed to imposing their narrow experience/expectation of tea onto others. These folks fail to comprehend what Miro Tea is about. Our staff is ALWAYS warm, welcoming, friendly and courteous.

      For those that want to experience a truly unique and memorable modern tea experience, Miro Tea always welcomes you without pretense. Our tea selection, light fare food menu, and ambiance are worth a visit. We invite you to read the many positive customer reviews of Miro Tea that appear on-line, and we encourage you to experience Miro Tea first-hand so that you can make up your own mind about our tea bar.

      With kind regards,

      The Miro Tea Team