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Green Tea Cafe

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45 Mott St, New York, NY 10013, USA 212-693-2888 Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Rebecca


      This is my favorite bubble tea location for now; the flavors are strong, the tapioca is generous, the prices are good. Their traditional tea is good as well; good for those new and old to Asian flavors of tea.

    • Cavallo


      This place has both kinds of tea - green and black. Gimme a break. If your only experience of tea is lipton and mybe the occasional bubble tea, and you think jasmine green is exotic, then by all means feel free to be processed through this 'tea diner.' The ice cream, sorbet, and fried dumplings, however, were very nice. Far better than the tea!

    • B. Cambier


      I try to go to the Green Tea Café every week. Their taro bubble milk tea is a wonderful combination of refreshing tea, delicious taro, and a cool burst of pandan flavor. I recommend stopping in if you are ever passing by, you will be delighted. The staff are cheerful, always chatting and laughing with each other in a foreign language. The décor is very pretty, and even though it is open in front, you are sheltered from the bustle of the street. I love it, and you will too!

    • Dixie


      i highly recommend this place. The wait staff is soo nice they welcome you into the cafe. The set-up is adorable. You can choose to sit on little traditional stools decorated ordaned with handcrafted pictures. Their main specialty 'Bubble Tea' is well-known. The little tapioca balls aka pearl are to die for. The traditional food they have are prepared well and taste so yummy. You really feel as if your in a hip cafe located in China.