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La Tea Da's

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115 W 7th St, Charlotte, NC 28202, USA (704) 372-9599 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Jennifer Aldridge


      Although I think they now only do catering, Janet and crew did a bridal shower, my wedding reception, a baby shower and my daughter's 5th birthday princess tea. We miss the tea house, but still recommend the catering b/c the food, service, set up and price are all fantastic. Delicious!

    • S. Cook


      I stopped by twice during the day and afternoon to find the doors locked (but the neon window sign lit). No hours displayed on door. Is this place open? I really wanted to stop in and see what it was about. Great location...I never see cars in lot when I drive by. Stopped at Starbucks instead (across the street).

    • Mrs Bivens


      I went to Charlotte from Pa. to visit my family and we planned a very nice tea together at la Tea da's and after we droveall the way there found a note on the door saying the elec was 'broken' but lights were lit in the window! NO ONE EVEN HAD THE DECENCY TO PHONE US TO SAY THEY WERE CLOSED TO SAVE US THE ATIME TROUBLE AND EXPEANSIVAE GAS TO GET THERE!!!! Probably the rudest thing that a 'business has ever done. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME going here. BIG DISSAPOINTMENT!!

    • rebekah


      The waitress used her hand to touch the food. The cake had freezer burn and other dessert items still partially frozen. The worse tea I have ever been to.

    • D. Mayberry


      I expect at tea rooms to be served loose tea, so I was disappointed to see bags being used. The food was delicious and the service was good. I plan to return.

    • Tammy N.


      I was disappointed with my experience here. We (there were 3 of us) had High Tea. We were seated right after we arrived for our scheduled Afternoon Tea service. But we then waited at least 5 minutes (I think it was actually closer to 10 minutes) for our waiter to come to our table. He dropped off iced waters and then returned with a tea box. We each selected one tea. He brought hot water, but there were no spoons on the table for our tea, so we just used the little straws that were in our iced water. Our waiter was very friendly, but the service was very slow - which I didn't understand since the food had already been prepared and all he had to do was get it out of the refrigerator. We were the only folks on the first floor for most of our tea service, but it was still a long time between visits from our waiter. (There were two parties on the 2nd floor, so I don't know if he was helping with those or what.) When the waiter dropped off our sandwiches, he asked if we wanted more hot water, but didn't offer to bring out the tea box, so I'm not sure if we were expected to re-use our tea bags or what. I asked him to bring the tea box to our table. We each took two tea bags this time. To sum it up, the food was good, but the service was not what I was expecting. I went to The Tea Room in Savannah a few months before my visit to La Tea Da's. I would say the difference between the two tea rooms is like the difference between the Ritz Carloton and a motel (except that in this case, the 'motel' cost as much as the 'Ritz Carlton'). I doubt that I will go back to La Tea Da's.