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Annies's Cheesecake and Tea Room

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161 W Main St, Lancaster, OH 43130, USA 740-654-3692 Owner?

Sun closed Mon 07:00am – 6:00pm Tue 07:00am – 6:00pm Wed 07:00am – 6:00pm Thu 07:00am – 6:00pm Fri 07:00am – 8:00pm Sat 08:00am – 5:00pm

Recent reviews

    • Teresa


      We have eaten at Annies a couple times, the first time was take out, the second time we dined there. Her fruit soups Peach and Strawberry, as well as the cheesecakes are wonderful. The egg salad is also very good. The tea was Bigelow bagged tea. My pot of water was not very warm, so the tea was lacking.

    • Carrie


      I took my 4 year granddaughter to Annie's for breakfast during Christmas week. She was really excited by the decorations, the tea fountains and that her water was served in a tiny teacup with a teapot full of extra water. What a nice touch and how special for her. I normally go with groups for special occasions and have exquisite service. The food is good. The desserts are great! I like the atmosphere, and so does my granddaughter.

    • hallie carroll


      I drive from Columbus with my girlfriends to enjoy the food selections. The deserts are out of this world. The facility lacks charm but the servers are friendly. Local business people love this place too.

    • Valerie


      The cheesecake here is excellent. They've tried to create a garden-like atmosphere, which is difficult in warehoue-like room with unfinished ceilings. In spite of its shortcomings, I'd go back just for the cheesecake.

    • Miriam Kurtz


      I can only say good things about this establishment. It is probably the only place I can go and return several times and not get tired of it. They are wonderful and the food is out of this world!

    • Ann


      The desserts are great!

    • Kerry


      The tea was great but you want to go for the cheesecake. I also highly recommend the chicken salad