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The Tea Gallery

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21 Howard St, New York, NY 10013, USA 212-777-6148 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Tak Chi


      Michael Wong is a tea master by trade. I can see the skill when he pours the water around the top of the YiXing tea pot. My wife and I enjoy having tea with Michael and Winnie. We tasted 3 types of Chinese teas and Michael and Winnie are very knowledgeable and passion about the teas the have selected for us. * Note There is no N/A for Quality of food offered: so I chose lacking.

      Tearoom response:

      The Tea Gallery is still open for business. We do our best to respond to phone messages but sometimes the message is incomplete or difficult to decipher. We are sorry if this happened and were unable to reach you. You can email us at info@theteagallery.com with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

    • Lindsey Goodwin


      As a national tea writer and former NYC tour guide, I can safely say that this is one of the best tea experiences in NYC. If you are interested in artisanal Chinese teas brewed with incredible skill, then this is THE New York teahouse to visit. If you want scones (or any food, for that matter), agave-soy-no-whip-tea-lattes, a place to drop in and hang out, etc., then this place is not for you. It's all about seeing, smelling, tasting, learning about, experiencing and falling in love with tea amongst Chinese art and antiques. Reservations are a must. Call twice if necessary -- it's well worth it. Even though they don't offer food, I'm giving them an 'excellent' on food to make up for the previous reviewer.

    • Stephen Sandelich


      Wow. I was in New York for just the weekend, and the trip to the Teal Gallery was defiantly the highlight. If you live in NYC, or are only there for just a day, you need to be here. We got there an hour before they were closing, I was just planning on picking up some tea and going, but we ended up sitting down with Michael, some of his friends that were there and enjoying some amazing tea. It was very relaxing break from a busy day. The setting is peaceful and calm. The tea is amazing in selection and in quality. While it may be more pricey than you can find at other places, I know that I am now a life long customer and will be stopping by every time that I am in town.

    • Lisa Garrison


      One of NYC's best kept secrets - a traditional Chinese tea house that manages to convey the everyday convivial ritual of drinking tea in ways utterly embued with mystery.

    • Max


      By far the best place in New York to buy, taste, or talk tea.

    • Jim Marnell


      Can't resist saying something nice about The Tea Gallery because Michael and Winnie are extremely nice, knowledgable, and provide terrific teas. Very easy to talk to and very responsive to finding just the right tea to meet your tastes. It definitely furthered my education about tea.

    • Sayaka


      If you love tea in the Chinese tradition, you will fall in love with the Tea Gallery. I hope NYC residents realize how lucky they are to have such a place to enjoy tea.

    • Jean


      Michael and Winnie are experts on tea and will help you love it as much as they do. You must try it out!

    • Exiled


      Go nowhere else. Michael and Winnie put their heart and soul into this place. They are knowledgeable and gracious, and their tea is exquisite.

    • Claudia Assis


      The teas we tried were exquisite, brewed by Michael who shared his extensive knowledge of tea in a very friendly manner, and to be surrounded by so many beautiful zishas was lovely. I'd agree with previous reviewer that if you like authentic Chinese tea, this is the place for you, no doubt! We will back many times...

    • Gerda Liebmann


      The tea tasting at Passage: The Tea Gallery is an experience my friend and I will never forget! Wong Chung (Michael) who studied tea in Hong Kong was very knowledgable. He prepared the teas for us in a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremonial setting. The teas we tasted were of the highest quality and were brewed right in front of our eyes. We were suspended in time, enjoying the very essence of tea.

    • rob Vonderheide


      michael and winnie are very passionate about tea and it shows. they are personable and knowledgable and their tea is the best. if you want authentic chinese tea this is the place.