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Te House of Tea

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1927 Fairview Street Houston, Texas 77019-6713, United States 713-522-8868 Website Suggest Changes

Sun 10:00am – 8:00pm Mon closed Tue 11:00am – 10:00pm Wed 11:00am – 10:00pm Thu 11:00am – 10:00pm Fri 11:00am – 10:00pm Sat 11:00am – 10:00pm

Recent reviews

    • Cassandra


      I moved into the River Oaks area a month ago, and discovered this place on a recent walk. My first visit, I sat down in the corner and ended up chatting with a pleasant young woman, who pointed out many of the regulars, and her favorite foods and drinks. I thought I was knowledgeable about tea, but already the staff here has introduced me to new discoveries, such as a hearty puerh and a very tasty oolong called Silk. Every thing I've tasted so far I've liked, from scones, crepes, and salads. Everything is made fresh on site. Maybe 150 teas available here, and you can buy them in bulk. Don't come here expecting an old style tea room with curtains and lace. Instead, you'll find comfy sofas and seats, clean simple chairs and tables, and a slightly Asian feel to the decor - the owner is Chinese, by the way. Very friendly owner and staff, and great teas.

    • likegoodtea


      This place is OK...not great...not horrible. Staff isn't very cheerful but does a marginally OK job. Not what I was expecting. Nothing I could put my finger on but just not a happy place.

    • Tammy


      Wow, there are some really nice teas here. I started with one tea, but ended up with a drink-fest, trying 4 different fascinating teas! Luckily their smallest pot size is reasonably price, so I was encourage to try more. My favorites? Fujian Silk, Chocolicious (a Rooibos), Malawi Black, Lady Grey. Their teas are all natural - no flavorings like most bagged tea - and most are fair trade certified. Also was surprised to find they had food: simply prepared, tasty, fresh. One afternoon I was there, their deli case was wiped clean by all the customers, it's eaten up that fast. Then I saw the owner making more samosas, right in that little kitchen. Nice.

    • Colleen


      I have been here once, and perhaps it was on an off night (though I don't think so), but I won't be going back. The service was horrible (I stood there for several minutes while the woman behind the counter ignored me to chat with a co-worker). Worst of all, my tea wasn't properly prepared. I ordered a white tea (they were out of the one I wanted...subtract more points), and it was brewed at too high of a temperature. I didn't even get to steep my own leaves; they put them in for me, and then let it steep too long before bringing it to me. Oh, and the website fails to mention that there is a $6 credit card minimum.

    • Kevin


      GingerS is either a competitor, racist, or disgruntled individual. This is bad karma to comment as such, and for Ginger (if correct name) to not even bother talking to Connie, is puzzling. Bathrooms are very clean at this place, with clean tile floors and walls. The only time I've seen it a bit messy is during a dance night, when the paper bin starts to overflow. The lovely tile floors rarely show any dirt and are always clean, so the comments by Ginger are incredulous. Staff is very knowledgeable, and owner Connie is always available if a customer feels the slight bit consumed. I hate to say this, but I've seen this happen on this comment board before, so I'll say it: the GingerS comment appears to be a bit of astroturfing, driven by a competitor or competitor's friend. I can't help but notice that the comment date on this is the same date as 2 new comments showing up on a nearby tea house. That tea house had at one time 50+ comments, but they've all been deleted by Adagio. Why? Perhaps Adagio detected they were comments generated by one person, not genuine? Not sure, but the karma is not good here with this negativity not based on any reality. Again, try talking to the owner, Connie. Hundreds, if not thousands, of other customers have found Te House of Tea to be a great experience, very clean, knowledgeable staff, repeat business, so I'm not sure how the GingerS comment could be real.

    • GingerS


      This place is dirty and the staff knows nothing about tea. I will never recommend this place to anyone. It was the worst experience I have ever had in town. The guy behind the counter could not have cared less that I was there and never smiled or made my visit special. The table and floors were dirty and so was the bathroom. Uck!

    • Catherine


      This is one of my favorite places to go not only for delicious tea, but for a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Their teaboard has a variety of teas for every taste. You can find your stand-by favorite easily, but you can also venture out and try new flavors. Each of the hot teas is served in an individual pot, and for as often as I visit I have never had an issue with cleanliness or over-steeping. Connie has a large wealth of knowledge on the subject of teas, as well as a seeming love of them, which enhances the experiences greatly over those other impersonal coffee and tea cafes. The food is always delicious. Their curried tofu baguette is a perennial favorite for me. Sometimes you might have to wait for food to arrive (depending on the time and the number of people in the cafe as well as behind the bar), but usually it's very rapid and always very good.

    • Connie


      Dear Ed, Our tea pots are washed and sanitized, just like all our other dishes and utensils. However, we do not scrub the tea pot interiors; it is a Chinese practice to let the tea pots develop a 'patina' on the inside. As I am Chinese, I hope you don't find this offensive, but part of the local color and flavor of our tea shop. Drop by anytime; I'll be happy to explain more of the oolongs, and interesting green teas to you. :)

    • ed


      I went here twice tea selection was good, many ok oolongs. Will never return because they DO NOT CLEAN THEIR POTS! There was a ton of build up.

    • Virginia


      So much potential, so many problems. 1. I called to make a reservation for a large party. They don't take reservations, but I wasn't told that. We were greeted with confusion. 2. At no point was it made clear to us that the service is at the counter, so we waited quite a long time before we figured this out. 3. The tea was woefully oversteeped by the time it came to the table, when we were advised to give it another 4 minutes! In addition, there was NO sweetener on the tables anywhere, and the sweetener at the condiment station was old and picked-over. 4. Our scones arrived so long before the tea that we were done eating by the time our tea arrived. The food was delicious, and the tea might have been if it hadn't been so oversteeped, but the service was atrocious. The atmosphere is pleasant and the variety good enough that I might give it another try, but I definitely won't recommend it. Approach with caution.

    • Carol


      I came to Te because of the reviews. What I discovered DID not meet my expectations. The tea was OK but was not brewed by them...I was given a pot with leaves in it and there was no way to remove them. The staff knew very little about tea. It seemed to be a restaurant who had tea as a second thought. The restaurant was dirty. No one seemed to care that I was there. I won't be back.

    • John


      I'm sitting here at Té now; it's been a very peaceful experience (and yes, they have wifi -- which still doesn't distract from the place). Having an excellent oolong, for which the owner patiently explained its characteristics. It's a high quality, organic oolong, but sadly it's not fair-trade (it's from Taiwan, where she explained does not have fair-trade tea, because the country is already developed). This place exudes zen. Clean lines, nice lighting, nice people ... and of course, very nice tea. I'll be back.

    • Ian


      How did I not discover this place til now? Was taking a back route this weekend, and just a block north of Westheimer, discovered this cute little tea house. After walking in and chatting with the clerk, I found out the place has been open already a year! Speaking of walking in: I was immediately impressed of its calmness. Clean lines, natural colors, curious little corners to sit in. This place speaks of zen (for a spot that was formerly a laundromat, it's a marvelous transformation). The back wall has two large blackboards. I lost count, but the clerk said there's over a hundred teas here, and the owner is always sampling and finding more fine tea for us to try. I've heard a lot about oolongs, so I asked, 'what's popular here?', and was served a Fujian Silk -- a quality oolong that's processed with cream. No wonder it's a favorite: excellent aftertaste, and very calming. They mix their own chai here too, and the owner, from Hong Kong, has her own concoction of Ying Yang, a HK coffee/tea blend. I'll try that on my next visit. They also serve afternoon tea, elegantly presented in fine china, and have an 'asian' tea party, set on tatami mats. There were a few children here when I visited, obviously enjoying pouring and serving their own tea. They were very well behaved, as if the etiquitte of tea was impressing good manners on them. I'll be back!

    • Kelly


      Te House of Tea is a lovely little tea house in the River Oaks/Montrose area of Houston. They offer a wide selection of loose leaf teas, served in lovely Bee House pots and cups. I've been there once, and I had the Princess Jasmine, which is jasmine, orange, and pouchong. It was a wonderful jasmine with a delicate orange flavor. As well as fine loose teas, they offer special drinks such as the Immunitea, which is an iced mixture of matcha, pomegranate juice, and apple juice. The tea is served in the pot, and the waitress instructs you on how long to let it steep when she brings it to your table. They also serve a variety of delicate dishes to complement your tea. Their scones are delicious, and I've also tried the potato samosas, which were lightly spiced and very filling and warm, and the quiche, which was full of sweet tomatoes, fresh spinach, and tangy feta cheese. The atmosphere is casual and pleasant, I think it will become my new favorite place to study. They're open late (until 10 during the week, and 12 on the weekend), have wi-fi, and a quiet, calm environment. Of course, I won't be studying during the Friday night tango sessions - which is one of the special events they host on a weekly basis. Not all their tea is fair trade, as someone said, but the menu indicates which teas are. I highly recommend this place.

    • Robert


      This little tea shop recently opened in my neighborhood and my wife and I can't get enough. They have a tremendous tea selection in every possible category - and we haven't been disappointed by any of them yet. More importantly, their selection is all Fair Trade certified so you're doing your part to help the world just by supporting them. Oh, and their food selections, which varies a bit every day, is not to be missed. One last item to note is that the tea and dining experience is not at all fussy like some places and has improved for us with every visit (as I noted they are still somewhat new).