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Subtle Tea

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121 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA (212) 481-4713 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Chelsea


      The staff is extremely helpful and pleasant. They suggest teas when you're not sure what you want and gladly let you sample. I used to go here during my lunchbreaks and read a book. I suggest the iced teas. Their menu of teas is very extensive and their scones are great!

    • Tak Chi


      I enjoyed their pomegranate and blood orange iced tea and either the green tea smoothie or latte. I am not a blended tea drinker but I enjoy the almond cookie green tea.

    • Leslie


      A contemporary tea room - bright lights, edgy mags, colorful interior. I wasn't wowed by the Darjeelings I got, but I haven't found many I've liked elsewhere. Funky spot, knowledgeable staff, good selection.

    • Jane Quigley


      I love this place - everyone is so helpful and friendly and willing to share their recommendations. They take all the time to answer any questions. And the table wired for iPod charging and there's Wifi. Also - neat selection of stuff to buy. I purchased my glass teapot, which I love.

    • John


      WOW, its the Starbucks of tea! Great selections of all types of tea, highly recommend if your a tea lover. Great atmosphere. WIFI access

    • Anna


      I found this place while visiting New York. My hotel happened to be only a couple of blocks away. I stopped in there and bought a cup of tea (can't remember what kind right now), which was pretty good. They put the loose tea in a teabag on the side of a to-go cup. I also bought a package of the Golden Yunnan tea, which I took home and I LOVE. The only really bad aspect of it was that I got a blueberry muffin and it was hands-down the worst muffin I've ever tasted. I love blueberry muffins, but this one tasted almost medicinal and fake. I wanted to like it, but I couldn't even finish half of it. So, come for the tea (and the tea gum, which is pretty good) but stay away from the baked goods (or at least the blueberry muffins).

    • Derrick


      The general decor is pleasing, but their variety of teas wasn't too impressive. Like Hartley reviewed, it seems too much like the tavalon tea bar at union square. Maybe I'm just biased because of the good music and really great service at tavalon.

    • Chi


      I really liked the decoration and general atmosphere in this tea room. It was cozy, and invited you to sit down and really enjoy your tea. The girl at the front counter was incredibly sweet, helpful, and eager to chat about her favorite teas at the shop. There was a nice selection of teas, but I'm not overly fond the drop the loose tea into a bag method of brewing. Overall, I'd go again.

    • Rita


      Tried their almond cookie green tea latte, it s so yummy!!!! The green tea flavour is strong enough that it won't get masked by the almond cookie aroma. It was just right!!! Bought some key lime pie black tea and their White tea strawberry cookie to go as well...Love the chilled and friendly vibe of the place.

    • Hartley


      I had an iced tea here last week and it was 'ok.' nothing great. the decor is nice but it seems like a knock-off version of tavalon tea bar in union sq. they even went out and got rice to riches rice pudding just like tavalon. whats next, a live dj?

    • Ross


      Recently ordered tea and coffee for a meeting in our office three blocks away. The poor delivery guy must have dropped the stuff because everything was a bit of mess when he arrived. We enjoyed the tea and coffee anyway, but he would not let us refuse a complete replacement for the order. The owner sent down a complete duplicate order free of charge - not typical of NYC!! The Tea Lattes are great! Almond Cookies Green Tea is a favorite in the office and I want to try their 'teaspresso' next! -RP

    • kirsten meyer


      I work a few blocks away, so have had opportunity to regularly visit. I highly recommend this place, great quiet, relaxing, and inviting atmosphere. Very pleasant and attentive staff. Everything I have had there (teas, salads, sandwiches, etc.) has been of the best quality and very tasty. The selection of food is perhaps somewhat limited, but fine for a store of their size that specializes in tea, rather than food. I have never had a problem finding something appealing and tasty there. Once, on a sunday evening I bought a sandwich there which was unfortunately past its prime.....it may be that they only get food delivered M-F or M-Sat....it would have made a bad impression had I not already eaten there enough to know that this was atypical of Subtle Tea. I took it back the next morning and the gentleman at the counter didn't hesitate to refund my money. So, I might think twice about getting a sunday sandwich or salad there again....but other than that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place to anyone.

    • shirin


      Found this shop quite by accident and was rather glad! A great cup to warm up a rainy NYC day. Tried the almond cookie green tea as recommended by the staff and really enjoyed it. I brought home some of their key lime pie black tea as a treat for another day. I'm also enjoying the tea gum and liked scoping out their selection of other tea based products.

    • TBAD


      The owners run the shop. It has lovely decor, items to be purchased, style, and charm. And it's the best tea I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. Flavors of black and green infused with fruit & nut flavors. The 8 treasures is my favorite flavor so far.

    • Andrea


      My office just moved two blocks away from this place and I was so excited to find it! The teas I've tried so far have been excellent, such as a Formosa oolong and a Japanese sencha. You can buy them by the ounce, too. The baked goods are delicious, especially the crumb cake and the muffins. They also sell sandwiches and salads, smoothies, and other beverages. They even have bath and body products and tea gum! It's a great place to take a break.