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Soergel Orchards Sweet Apple Tea Room

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2573 Brandt School Rd, Wexford, PA 15090, USA 724-935-1743 Website Owner?

Please call or email for individual or private party reservations Any theme, event, or types of parties can be made - birthdays, showers, congratulations, etc -lots of clothes to dress up! great appeal for all ages!

Recent reviews

    • Nancy


      My family and I have a special Christmas tea every year initiated by my dgt in law. Our tea last year was at the Soergel's tea room. It was so much fun, and the food delicious. It was more like a country Christmas! A wonderful and fun time was had by all!

    • Amanda Byrnes


      What a great evening! Upon entering there is a room full of costume jewelry that brings back the days of dressing up with your friends. While waiting for the table there is a delightful bowl of apple cider that was very tasty considering the time of year. We had our own table and outstanding service! The meal comes in stages which gives you enough time to take in the very quaint atmosphere, pick from a nice selection of tea, and enjoy your food without feeling rushed or overwhelmed with choices. The meal starts with a small variety of scones with homemade spreads that compliment the teas very nicely. Next there is an assortment of fresh fruits that were incredibly ripe and a homemade whipped spread. Following the fruit is likewise fresh vegetables and a dill dip. To the main course we received an incredibly delicious chicken salad croissant that is the best I have tasted accompanied with an adorable turkey on wheat in the shape of a heart. Finally the dessert arrives with a chocolate brownie, cream puff with yogurt filling, and a lady finger. The service was second to none! Our host, Christine was a gem and a master of her trade checking on us not too much, but just enough. We always had hot water for the tea and the option of other beverages. Christine catered to our every need and truly made the experience very special. The guessing game in the middle of dinner was a nice way to keep everything flowing and the 'treasure' at the end was a perfect way to end and remember such a wonderful evening. This was a belated Christmas present from my mother in-law and I could not have asked for a better gift! Overall I would highly recommend and look forward to the next time we go!

    • Darlene Byrnes


      I was expecting a more formal atmosphere. But it was fun to dress up like a little girl would to have a tea party with her dolls. I just donned a big hat. They brought each course separately instead of all at one time on a tiered plate. They constantly gave hot teapots of water and you chose your own tea from a basket to make your own. Food was excellent. And the atmosphere was fun. I liked being able to take a 'treasure' home to remember the evening with. This was a unique way to bond with my new daughter-in-law.

    • Whitty


      I've gone to several group teas here. The food just keeps on coming! They'll take special requests for food (vegetarian, etc.)and are quite friendly about accomodating you. The atmosphere is friendly and pleasant--with lots of fun diversions lining the walls for kids and kids-at-heart. After gorging on food, make sure you check out the marketplace, gift shop, and the wine shop--yes, the wine shop! We were treated to some free wine samples during our tea, compliments of the Arrowhead winery outlet shop there at Soergels (we requested it ahead of time). After the tea and some shopping, we meandered down to taste more wine! Overall, it's always a wonderful afternoon and I recommend trying it with a group of friends!

    • Eileen Russell


      My daughter had her 5th birthday party as a tea party here. The dress-up clothes provided were a huge hit with all her friends. All of her friends' mothers told me that they couldn't imagine trying to keep fourteen five year olds quiet enough to have a tea party. Just the oposite was true. They were so intrigued by the serving process and all the cheese, fruit, tiny sandwiches and cookies, that they paid attention the whole time. Even my 3 year old niece was as well behaved as I've ever seen her. Excellent idea for a little girl's birthday party!