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User's reviews

  • The Georgian at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel


    First things first, yes, it's pricey. I went for Holiday tea and it was $55 a person. It is, however, a very beautiful room in a beautiful hotel that was all decorated for the holidays. Great for that special occasion and for enjoying the whole experience of high tea. There is a limited selection of teas but the choices offered were very nice and each person gets their own pot which was refilled often. The food was excellent with small sandwich type savories, fresh scones and lovely pastries. They serve everything on the tea tower but don't be discouraged at how small things are because they come around with a tray and refill anything you like, as many times as you like! Loved that. Our server, Ali, was gracious and polite and sent us home with an overflowing doggie box. He knows how to make his customers happy.

  • Miro Tea


    This is a new place in the Ballard historic neighborhood. It's a tea bar that feels like a coffee house without the coffee. Somewhere to go if you just want a good cup of loose leaf tea, nothing else. One, non-refilled cup will set you back about $3. The food is an assortment of crepes (which were good), sandwiches and overly cooled desserts from a case (not great). The staff that served me were nice but the owner was very snotty when I asked a question about her establishment. She needs to go back to hospitality school. Good variety of teas and they do offer free samples of some of them. Don't look for ambiance, relaxation, or a welcoming spirit here.

    Tearoom response:

    Miro Tea is a modern tea bar focused on reinventing the experience and enjoyment of tea for the modern tea consumer. As a business, we are committed to creating an experience for our customers that is truly unique and enjoyable. <BR> <BR> We always welcome feedback from our customers. We do note, however, that will always be others out there that are accustomed to imposing their narrow experience/expectation of tea onto others. These folks fail to comprehend what Miro Tea is about. Our staff is ALWAYS warm, welcoming, friendly and courteous.<BR> <BR> For those that want to experience a truly unique and memorable modern tea experience, Miro Tea always welcomes you without pretense. Our tea selection, light fare food menu, and ambiance are worth a visit. We invite you to read the many positive customer reviews of Miro Tea that appear on-line, and we encourage you to experience Miro Tea first-hand so that you can make up your own mind about our tea bar.<BR> <BR> With kind regards,<BR> <BR> The Miro Tea Team<BR> 12/09/07