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Blockers Tea Room

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1310 Texas Ave, Alexandria, LA 71301, USA 318 445-3736 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Jim Va


      I stopped there on my way to Arkansas in 2007. The atmosphere was formal, the waitress were very professional and the food was very good. They played classical music and it was very relaxing. Sorry it closed.

    • J


      This place closed down maybe 7 years ago. I wanted to have my baby shower there and spoke with the owner on a Thursday. Called back the following Monday and it was closed for business. Please take them off your list.

    • Marci G.


      It is nice to have a tearoom in a smaller town. But there are several negatives. I have been to high teas and when they are put on with quality, you go away uplifted and refreshed. The negatives are, the food is simply average. When I go for a tea I want homemade and fresh everything, and some creativity with it. Also, the room is plastic to me, not cozy at all. Bright lights and stiff. The tables are nicely decorated though. Then lets get to the price. I paid $16.00 for a tiny sandwich, demi soup, and ice tea. They charge for refills of ice tea and in the south it is taken for granted that refills on ice tea are free. Way overpriced for me. I will pay that, if the food is excellent but it wasnt.

    • Margie N.


      I have been to Blockers several times now. I am still disappointed. This is our first tearoom and I was excited. The non-salad sandwiches (hot and cold) are made with 'deli' meat. I can buy that and make my own. The hot sandwiches are pressed and made with loaf bread. THe cold are at least on a croissant, but still 'deli' meat. The teas are well made, but the last time the flowering tea did not have enough water to really let it 'bloom'. I have to admit their creamy tomato basil soup is excellent, but it is not enough to make me go back. I have to say, also, it is listed as a tea room, but you cannot just go in in the afternoon and get a pot of tea and scones, which is what tea has been to me since I was a child. You can make reservations for Afternoon Tea, but that is more than I care for if I am out shopping and need a break. They carry a multitude of teas and usually it is perfectly made. 5 stars there. The service is quite good. 4 stars here. The staff is quite solicitous. The atmosphere is formal. I would not feel comfortable if I was in jeans and a shirt. Overall I would give it a 3/5.

    • Roland


      Very nice atmosphere,excellent service and delicous food.