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3921 Coit Rd, Plano, TX 75093, USA 972-612-4828 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Gayle


      out of business

    • Carolyn


      Appears they have closed

    • Cindy


      My friends and I had tea at Patti's Place last Saturday. It was a true High Tea. It was a 5 course event, with probably the best food, desserts and tea offerings we have ever experienced. Can't wait to go back.

    • Kristin Conrad


      We celebrated my daughter's birthday at Patti's, filled with anticipation. We were quite disappointed in the end, though we did enjoy being together and talking for two hours. Patti's has great potential, but needs to look into the finer points of serving tea. The soup needs to be light when there is so much more food coming. Clotted cream should not be served in the little jar. Finger sandwiches need to be small and refreshing. Scones are different than biscuits, which is what we were served. Desserts need to be fresh and varied if more than one is served. 'Going to tea' is a very special occasion, a combination of company, wonderful teas and delicate food.

    • Sandy


      My friends and I saw the article about Patti's Place in the Dallas Morning News and were very excited to check it out. We drove in from out of town to have lunch and it was well worth the trip! Among the seven of us, we tried various things on the menu. Everything was great! Of course, we also tasted the desserts and loved them all. Thanks Patti! We will definitely be driving back soon.

    • Christine


      I never review a tea room until I have eaten there twice, just in case they are having a bad day, which happens to every restaurant. My two experiences with Patti's Place were the same. It is a friendly, cheerful place with mediocre food. The food wasn't bad, it just wasn't particularly good. The service is very unusual, and not necessarily in a good way. You are greeted and seated by a very friendly hostess, who is also the waitress. You select your lunch from the menu and then walk to a counter at the other side of the building, where you order and pay up front for your meal. The hostess/waitress later brings it to your table. It sends conflicting messages to the guests, as if Patti can't decide if she is running a restaurant or a self-serve restaurant. I suspect the goal is to limit the waitstaff to one person, but Patti should seriously consider adding another waitress and take orders at the table.

    • Cheryl


      I did not go to lunch very hungry, but ended up eating everything on my plate! It was absolutely the best food (and tea) I have had anywhere in Plano! I loved everything about Patti's Place and what a great place to go and relax with my friends. I will definitely go back!

    • Yvonne


      My only real complaint is the price. Very expensive.

    • Linda


      Decorated with TX wood tables and tea room decor this is a very nice TX feel to this place. Order the sandwhich on the bun because they are huge. The egg salad has bacon bits in it which gave it an wonderful taste. All of the ladies there were so nice and kind! They were very helpful with the menu items. The desserts are homemade and wow you can taste the homemade touch! I will go back many times!

    • jean


      I thought the food was very overpriced. $9.00 for and egg salad sandwich, 1/2 a strawberry and 2 small slices of tomato. Will not go back anytime soon. There are other tearooms that are not so pricey and actually better.

    • Ruth Harper


      My friend and I visited Patti's Place last week and I was blown away. It was my girlfriends birthday and she loves tea rooms and, well I prefer coffee. There are over 140 different varieties of loose leaf tea and my girlfriend tried 3 at lunch. It's a bottomless cup. They also will brew any variety as an iced tea. Not only is the knowledge of tea superb, they roast their own coffee beans. I had the best cup of coffee I have ever had. We were seated quite quickly considering how busy it was. The process of ordering was really quite efficient, and our food was delivered hot and quickly. I ordered a roasted turkey salad on a croissant and soup. The bisque soup was heavenly and the roasted turkey salad was like thanksgiving dinner all in one! i would like to make a special note about the desserts. I ordered the raspberry pie and it is without doubt the best fruit pie I have ever had. My girlfriend ordered a Canadian treat, a 3 layer bar that was simply incredible. The historic house is a must see! We can't wait to return!

    • Amy


      We found it a little odd to order and pay at a counter before being served, so you have to tip ahead of time if paying by debit card. The food was very expensive ($15+ for sandwhich, salad, and tea, before tip) and was average tasting at best. There was no chicken or tuna salad. They do not have plain iced tea, which you find out after you have paid. My order came out wrong, and the soup my friend wanted had ran out early. They need more menu items at a reasonable price!

    • Bridget


      Patti's has an unbelievable selection of teas - i think they said 80 or 90 total! All are brewed fresh and served in your own little pot. High tea on Saturday is a wonderful experience. The atmosphere is Texas casual, yet also feminine and homey. The house is a historic farm house in Plano and has historical photos on the walls. The food for tea was outstanding - all homemade with wonderful egg salad/turkey salad sandwiches (& others), fresh fruit and fabulous homemade dessert bars and of course the traditional scones....... I know they're also available for private parties such as bridal/baby showers, and I would highly recommend Patti's to everyone!!!! can't wait to go back.......

    • marianne


      The tea was very pleasant but is not over the top in the way Lady Primrose was (If you are looking for that experience, then this place probably isn't for you). We took our niece for tea and she had such a good time. The food was very good and since they are open for lunch, I would definately go back for that.