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178 E Crogan St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046, USA 678.629.3991 Website Owner?

Sun closed Mon 09:00am – 7:00pm Tue 09:00am – 7:00pm Wed 09:00am – 7:00pm Thu 09:00am – 7:00pm Fri 09:00am – 9:00pm Sat 09:00am – 9:00pm
A modern twist to a very old tradition. We are located in Historic Lawrenceville and are proud to say Downtown's first Tea Shop (maybe not first but definitely first of it's kind). We offer a wide variety of fine loose leaf teas and teaware. While you wait for your delicious pot of tea browse our selection of teapots and accessories. Take a stroll outside through our butterfly garden or relax inside and enjoy your day with a cup of tea!

Recent reviews

    • Kathryn A


      Drove to Lawrenceville, GA for Tea - Aristeacrats is gone. Shop is closed ip and cleaned out

    • Kim


      This is a wonderful place to drink loose leaf tea, have deep conversations, paroose tea accesories, and eat tiny, yummy sweets. I liked thier knowledge of organic vs chemically fertalized tea and appreciated the professionally-hippie service. The location is perfect for the 20-60 year old somethings who just want to fall in love with tea. Also the art made from tea stains were amazing. Overall, this is the place I wish was just around the corner from my house. Lucky Lawrenceville.

    • Alan


      A great selection of teas. Very knowledgeable about the teas and which tea (or combination) would be better hot/cold. I like the idea of having a sample of each tea in a small jar in front of the counter. It gives you an opportunity to smell the aroma of each tea. A nice selection of teapots and tea accessories. Prices are reasonable. Plenty of good seating, and there are games for those who want to sit and enjoy a pot or two of tea. A really nice place to relax. Grab a delicious cupcake at the cupcake shop around the corner and have a pot of tea or get a cup of tea to go.

    • Jason F


      Since moving to North Georgia, I've been to Aristeacrats three times and have really enjoyed the energy of the owners, Jessica and Dwayne. It's a good place to buy leaf and sit and drink tea. I love that it's not an 'old lady' frilly doily-filled teashop with cucumber sandwiches. My only complaint is they don't offer gongfu style brewing, but it's not realistic to expect that yet, considering the clientele in the area. Teas: at last count, over 80 loose leaf teas and herbal teas, perhaps the majority of them blended/flavored, but with many unflavored teas as well. Origins are People's Republic of China, Republic of China (Taiwan/Formosa), Japan, India, Bolivia, Africa. Decent selection of oolongs, but no Wuyi yan cha (yet!). You can also buy a cup of one of several kinds of hot chocolate. Atmosphere: Modern, hipstery (put a bird on it!), French country design palate (pastel yellow walls, white wainscoting, with warm wood and black accents) Events: every first Friday of the month, I believe, they host tea tastings which pair teas and foods for $12/person as of this review. The photos I uploaded were of their most recent. Amenities: Free wifi, garden with seating out front when the weather is nice. Food: they sell small snacks, I believe, cookies and such. They also sell coffee beans as a fundraiser for a local charity.

    • Tim W.


      I had been wanting a good coffee shop on the Lawrenceville square -- instead I get a tea shop, which is even better! Jessica, the owner of Aristeacrats, is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She has a very good selection of loose-leaf teas: mostly black teas, flavored teas, and herbals. Everything is available in bulk, or Jessica will prepare a pot or to-go cup for immediate consumption. The tea shop itself is very pleasant and cute without being 'frilly' -- this isn't a Southern belle's tea room, nor a faux Japanese tea house, just a nice, relaxing place to have a cup of tea. The times I've visited (9am - 10am), it's been quiet, with one or two patrons at small tables or couches, using the free WiFi. I look forward to seeing how Aristeacrats will continue to evolve and improve from a great beginning.

    • Cynthia B


      My daughter and I enjoy stopping by Aristeacrats and relaxing with a cup of tea. Jessica and her husband are very nice people and a wonderful addition to Historic Downtown Lawrenceville. Definitely a place you need to visit and take the time of enjoying your freshly brewed tea.

    • Beth T.


      With so much available on the square in Lawrenceville these days, Aristeacrats is a perfect addition. I have started making it a weekly stop while my daughter takes ballet. There is a great selection of black and green teas. And for non-caffeinated folks, like myself, the white, herbal and rooibos selection is outstanding. Some fruity, some spicy, some subtle, and some traditional. Something for every tea lover.

    • Safiya


      I just happened to visit this shop by chance on May 12, 2010 while I was in Lawrenceville. The tea shop was very charming and the owner, Jessica Burns, was very knowledgeable and personable. I ordered a cup of Earl Grey that was infused with vanilla and grenadine. It was delicious! I will definitely return and I encourage everyone to stop in for a visit. Unfortunately there is not a full food menu but the scones looked delicious. The teawares are also very charming and reasonably priced.